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Who We Are

Since 2008 we have been delivering technology solutions for start-ups and enterprises in data-intensive industries

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In the US 60+ million patients are served by systems built by VITech

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80+ solution architects, project managers, software and data engineers

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2 development centers in the cities of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

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Meet Our Team
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Vic Sarapin


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Anton Nazaruk


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Andriy Samulyak


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Volodymyr Koval

Delivery Director

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Volodymyr Mysak


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Natalya Kiyanovska

Head of HR

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Oleksandra Smilyanska

Project manager

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Stan Turyn

Senior Consultant

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Zoryana Shelest


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Our Values

As a team of individuals, we are all different. But we all share the same values and principles:

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Whenever we start a new project or even introduce a minor change to one of our processes, we first focus on a clear understanding of ‘why’, and where it fits into the bigger picture. We always keep in mind the goals to achieve, the purpose that a change or a new solution is meant to serve, and the people we want to help.

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Commitment to execution and quality

We’re more than professionals, we aim to be virtuosos of our craft. And as such, we are

committed to delivering perfect results on time, with gusto and masterly finesse.

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Quality over quantity

Ingenuity is simple, and insights can be found in the cross-industry application of technology, asymmetric solutions, or small changes resulting in small improvements. We are known for effective and elegant problem solving, which means that we always think twice before starting mechanical reenactment of the old traditional way.

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Right to error

We are a technology and R&D company, and we encourage experiments required to drive innovation. No new thing has ever been developed without a fair amount of failures along the way. It's not that we encourage failure though, rather that we discourage fear of failure. And we support our employees' dedicated endeavors on their way to a breakthrough.

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Freedom to speak up and to be heard

We believe that all ideas or concerns deserve attention, and all feedback deserves respect. We are transparent and open both, in how we do things and how we communicate while doing them.

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Сontinuous learning

The current world demands that we keep learning every day to avoid falling behind, but we actually enjoy getting new skills and knowledge. We are open to new ideas, love exploring new technologies and trying out amazing new things.

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Vic Sarapin


Sasha Smilyanska


Andriy Samulyak


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