QA Stream Competence Manager

Full time
Current state: (Inactive)

We are looking for a QA Competence Manager. The mission for the new team member is to become an inspiring example and reliable leader, who will lead the QA team to new challenges and accomplishments, as well as help the company in its development.


Technical Requirements

  • 5+ years experience as QA Engineer or Test Automation Engineer
  • Agile (SAFe, Kanban, SCRUM)
  • Solid understanding of QA methodology in an agile engineering organization. Proficiency in SDLC and STLC processes to strengthen application quality
  • Testing of distributed/cloud systems (chaos engineering, distributed tracing)
  • Testing of REST API, SOAP
  • Creating and Improving existing metrics through SDLC
  • Solid troubleshooting skill


  • Usage and understanding of TCMT (qTest, Test Plan in AzureDevOps, TestRails, Testlink, etc)
  • Solid experience in writing, executing, monitoring and debugging automation tests using one or more frameworks such as Selenium, QTP, ReadyAPI (Soap UI) or other related frameworks.
  • Integrating Mock frameworks into the project (Wiremock, Mockito)
  • Usage of Source Control System (GIT, SVN, VCS, etc)


  • Using SOLID and DRY principles
  • Knowledge of Java SE
  • Knowledge of Javascript
  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 locators
  • Experience with databases, especially SQL or MySQL
  • Experience with continuous integration and deployment and familiarity with Devops ecosystem of tools such as Jenkins / Azure. Building new and fixing existing pipelines
  • Solid understanding of deployments strategies (blue-green, canary, shadow instances)
  • Usage of Virtualisation and Dockerisation technologies
  • AWS serverless services
  • Kubernetes

Will be an advantage:

  • Experience with big data technologies
  • UI testing (galen)
  • Performance (stress testing, volume testing, etc)
  • Load (gating CI builds, QA Env/Deployments)
  • Security testing

Soft skills:

  • Strong communication skills with all the key stakeholders to ensure QA vision is understood and implemented correctly. Be an advocate of Quality Assurance, Continuous Improvement and industry recognized Best Practices.
  • Able to motivate a team, recognize good talent and bring out the best out of each individual.
  • Experience in Project Management, Test Management, and Client engagement and people management skills.
  • Strong leadership skills in coaching, mentoring, performance management and resource planning
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Provide leadership and technical expertise within Test Automation and Quality Assurance;
  •  Direct and execute QA strategies to meet and exceed department and corporate quality goals;
  •  Ensuring that the development teams adhere to the principles, guidelines and best practices of the QA strategy as defined;
  •  Focus on continuous QA improvements including usage of appropriate testing tools, test techniques, test automation;
  •  Manage training and continuous learning of QA staff by means of courses, conferences, meetups, certifications, etc;
  •  People management (coordination of recruitment process at projects, interviewing candidates, creating growth paths and career plans for employees, providing ongoing support and directions, employees motivation, etc.);
  •  Plan, negotiate and track Budget execution;
  •  Possible commercial project involvement with variable time allocation (e.g. — 50% — project, 50% — stream activity)

Sorry, but this vacancy has been filled