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ML algorithms are used anywhere from automating monotonous daily tasks to offering intelligent insights. Industries in every sector try to benefit from it. VITech creates future-oriented ML-based business solutions running on mathematical programming, recognition of patterns, and other advanced technological innovations.

About the client:

Emotion Labs specializes in smart wearable technologies and devices for health tracking. They utilize statistics and reliable medical information to contribute to the new generation of smart trackers that can help to reduce stress in everyday life.

Value delivered

The algorithm developed by VITech detects and measures noises and other signal disruptions to evaluate whether they are relevant to the actual blood pressure of a person. This is important to make sure that the data collected by an EMwatch is objective, and the provided health tips are relevant. As a result, EMwatch users can continue with their daily routine without interruptions, while getting reliable real-time health information. Additionally, the algorithm allows for tracking RR intervals (heart rate variability), which can vary while a heart rate remains normal. These intervals are what actually allows to evaluate the stress level and consequently, the emotional health of a person.

Technologies used:



Project overview


The client needed an algorithm that would allow them to turn a smartwatch into a personal health assistant capable of measuring blood pressure and stress levels. This required a unique approach that combined expertise in statistics and a deep understanding of the basic medical concepts. Moreover, the required algorithm had to be flexible and easily adjustable for future EMwatch modifications.


VITech conducted thorough research to define the solution that would meet the requirements perfectly. Then, the VITech team developed a native solution for EMwatch that allows defining blood pressure and the level of stress a person experiences. At the second stage, VITech ensured the monitoring of a wide range of parameters, including R-R intervals (heart rate variability) that allow identifying user stress levels better. The final algorithm was handed over to Emotion Labs, who continued working on the calculation of stress coefficients and finalized the system for end-users:

  • Simplicity and a minimal load on the microprocessor of the smartwatch
  • Capability to detect and classify noises to accurately measure blood pressure in everyday life
  • Flexibility that allows modifying various parameters and customizing the product
  • Painless implementation of additional functionality

The work completed by VITech allowed Emotion Labs to proceed with the predictive part of the project and collect the data necessary to create recommendations on physical and emotional health management.


VITech helped Emotion Labs design a mass-market-focused smartwatch equally available for personal and corporate use. The algorithm created by VITech became the foundation for the future development of EMwatch as a healthcare-related device. The VITech team covered one of the most complex stages of the project successfully thanks to their strong statistical and health tech background. Today, te unique wearable product developed as a result of our cooperation is used by hundreds of people who care about their physical and emotional health.

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