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Ivan Kuziv, Web Marketing Team Lead – MacPaw Inc.



I’m the web marketing team lead for MacPaw. We’re an independent development company that specializes in building Mac software using the latest OS X technologies.

Opportunity / challenge

Our main product and revenue driver was becoming dated, so we wanted to understand how to reach and convert new customers. The initiative required us to tweak our product so it could deliver more value and provide users with a personalized experience.


First, we collected a lot of non-personalized data on how customers and potential customers were using our product and website. The primary challenge was to build a model that could identify if a customer was likely to convert. Some customers accept new products at launch, while others wait until shortly after launch. There’s often a third group of users that eventually adopt a new platform months after it becomes an established entity within the marketplace. The stratified user-base made it difficult to gather reliable marketing data, but we managed to do it after multiple attempts.

We sent all that data to VITech and started working with one of their managers the following day. Our analyst team worked with theirs, so we understood each other perfectly from day one. That was a pleasant surprise.

For the first week or two, they analyzed our data and tried to apply some models to it. The idea was to find out what features could reliably convert trial users into paying customers. After a month of work, research, and reviewing the results of the models, they developed algorithms to show which features in the set were the most important. We had our own predictions about it, but they could prove their findings through the model mathematically. From there, we utilized all the knowledge we’ve gained about the market to make meaningful changes to our platform. It was a massive relief for the marketing team.

They assigned a product manager, a dedicated analyst, and two other resources that helped out as needed.

We met VITech at an annual IT conference and started chatting about what each of us did. They had different experiences than us, but I thought we could use that difference as a possible synergy. I figured that applying their knowledge to our field could be valuable. As a result, we decided to hire them.

We worked with VITech from April–September 2016.

Results & feedback

VITech’s work helped us determine if the business was feasible. Their analyst team started improving the algorithms and prediction model and eventually created a much better version. We now run prediction models with every new product launch. That approach allows us to predict audience variables with 89% accuracy. As a result, we’ve sped up our user acquisition process and can purchase efficient media ads.

We’ve also launched email campaigns specifically for the customer segments we identified as more inclined to buy. The marketing data enabled us to develop and launch different campaigns for the people who were undecided. By showing audiences the value of our product, we’ve increased conversion rates across the board.

Everything was handled without delay from day one. They put together a team that communicates well, asks the right questions, and provides actionable solutions. There were no deadline issues, and the only miscommunications came from our side.

We can trust them. With an extensive background in working with a variety of customers, they’re prepared to work with sensitive data.

Understanding their client’s business from the onset will give them more chances to succeed.

No matter what the client wants, VITech can improve the time-to-market of the solution.


Client: MacPaw Inc.
Project Category: BI & Analytics
Industry: Computer Software
Year: 2016
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Project summary

VITech led a marketing data project, improving a software company’s ability to attract new users. They analyzed industry data to develop marketing algorithms that predict customer engagement.

Feedback summary

VITech created effective data models and predictive algorithms to improve customer engagement. Their research and development efforts have translated into increased sales and a quicker user acquisition process. An experienced team ensures a transparent and collaborative project.

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