Where healthcare, data science and software engineering meet

Expertise 1
Hospital Management Systems
Predictive Healthcare
Life sciences
Health Awareness
Medical Devices and IoT
Clinical Trials
Business Benefits
Optimizing workflows
Streamline your clinical workflows from patient admittance to insurance settlements to achieve
faster decision-making, lower the costs, and deliver personalized care.
Boosting growth
Automate your marketing efforts to dramatically increase outreach to communities, attract
new patients to your practice, and convert them into loyal customers.
Managing risks
Ensure security standard compliance and safeguard confidential health data from malicious
attacks and system malfunctions, regardless of the devices and integrations used.
Ensuring the ease of use
Implement intuitive tools and custom healthcare solutions that address the particular needs
of medical professionals and patients without alienating non-tech-savvy users.
Promoting interoperability
Organize seamless data transfer between departments and with third-party systems to achieve
100% visibility into the care journey.
Tailoring custom approach
Our custom solutions are adapted to caregivers’ challenges and goals, supporting the
outstanding care they provide to their patients.
Expertise 2
Machine Learning & Data Science
Organize seamless data transfer between departments and with third-party systems to achieve 100%
visibility into the care journey.
Expertise 3
Big Data Engineering
Build large-scale data processing systems through our expertise in real-time processing, data
warehousing, and big data analytics.
Expertise 4
Cloud Engineering
Leverage cloud computing advantages of scalability, performance, and agility in your
applications, business processes, and infrastructure management.
Expertise 5
UX Research & Design
Create great products through an evidence-based approach to understanding user needs, evaluating
design concepts, and generating prototypes.
Expertise 6
IoT & Embedded Systems
Use our embedded solutions expertise to create innovative opportunities by integrating IoT apps,
mobile devices, sensors, and cloud services into hyper-connected, secure systems.
Expertise 7
Expertise 8
Expertise 9


Mason Beard, Co-Founder & CSO - Wellcentive Inc.
VITech delivered the platform with such success that it became the impetus for an ongoing relationship of over 10 years. Their speedy, agile, and collaborative project management helps support the emergent industry’s needs. The team’s expertise and personable teamwork make them a perfect partner.
Jacylyn Bodmer, CIO - Elligo Health Research
VITech has an impressive depth of knowledge and level of technical skill that differentiates them from comparable vendors we've used in the past. They're always able to find resources to answer our questions.
Ivan Kuziv, Team Lead - MacPaw Inc.
VITech created effective data models and predictive algorithms to improve customer engagement. Their research and development efforts have translated into increased sales and a quicker user acquisition process... Everything was handled without delay from day one. They put together a team that communicates well, asks the right questions, and provides actionable solutions.

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