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VITech status 03.08.2022

Mar 08, 2022

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Dear Customers,

The 13th day of WAR is ending – one more day of madness and innocent deaths. We used to word “WAR”. We used to air raid signals. But we are not used to deaths. But we are not used to the destroyed schools and hospitals. We will renovate our cities. We will recover all our infrastructure. We will do everything to restore Ukraine. Ukraine will be a free, independent, and beautiful country!

It is the last time VITech provides status in such a public format (at least for now). We believe that the critical mission of initial transparent communication to accurately represent the first days of Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion is accomplished. Furthermore, we provided our dear customers (and not only) with all the resources to track the most accurate information, support Ukrainian people, and join Ukrainian military forces.

We highly recommend those resources:

Meanwhile, VITech will concentrate on regular statuses provided to our clients internally (mostly related to further execution of our BCP plan).

None of the company’s employees have been injured so far – all alive and safe.

There are no issues with the Internet or Power Supply in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk; thus VITech team is still in the capacity to provide services to our customers. While we are waiting for the delivery of Starlinks (thanks to Elon Musk, it is now available in Ukraine), the VITech IT department organized delivery of alternative satellite equipment to establish a reserve internet channel. We expect to have the first reserve channel installed within a week.

We will keep you updated on the further situation development.

Glory to Ukraine!
VITech management team.


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