Meaningful technology solutions

Who we are

V.I.Tech is a technology company specializing in Big Data, Data Science, and Analytics, and a recognized problem-solver in the Health Technology space. Since 2008, our skills and our ideas have been shaping innovation in Healthcare across the globe. Today, top medical technology brands use V.I.Tech services to empower their solutions with healthcare data analytics and prevent health issues for over 60 million people.

What we do

V.I.Tech provides software engineering and R&D services to enable solutions in the areas of Predictive Healthcare, Personalized Healthcare, Early Intervention, Health Awareness, Patient Engagement, and many others. Technology that we have developed empowers innovative health enterprises to save lives, improve health and wellness, and make impactful data-driven decisions.

What we look for

In our 10 years of existence, we are proud to be a company that has never pursued trivial projects. We strongly believe that technology can and should have a meaningful impact on the quality of everyday life; and every technology solution that we build, we build to achieve this purpose. That is why we seek a challenge and a way to make everyday life brighter and better – one technology innovation at a time.

For companies that are equally inspired by the technology and the positive changes it can bring to health outcomes around the world, we provide meaningful technology solutions to deep-rooted industry problems that have been previously considered unsolvable.

V.I.Tech is not a mere outstaffing or outsourcing company, we are a community of technology professionals always looking to gain and share expertise applicable for real life problem solving. Ready to become a part of our team?