Software & data engineering solutions
for Digital Health

What we do

V.I.Tech provides R&D, software and data engineering services to innovative start-ups. Technologies that we have developed empower our customers to save lives, improve health and wellness, and make impactful data-driven decisions.

Who we are

V.I.Tech is a software and data engineering company specializing in System Architecture Consulting, Big Data, and Data Science, and a recognized problem-solver in Digital Health. Since 2008 top healthcare brands have used V.I.Tech services to improve lives of over 60 million people.

Featured customers

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Vic Sarapin, CEO

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Sasha Smilianska, PM

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Andriy Samulyak, COO

What we look for

In our 11 years in business we are proud to have never pursued trivial projects. We strongly believe that technology can and should have a meaningful impact on the quality of everyday life. And we build our solutions to achieve that impact – one technology innovation at a time.

Our services

Software engineering

We provide full cycle software engineering services covering all stages, from analysis and requirement management to quality assurance and post-release maintenance or upgrades.

Data science & machine learning

V.I.Tech helps companies with large amounts of data to design and implement effective data processing and analytics solutions, ready for further development of machine learning and predictive functionality.

Architecture & process audit

V.I.Tech has 11+ years of experience in building architectures and processes that properly link all the components, ensuring that a future system is scalable, secure, and fully functional.

Cross-domain R&D

We help businesses identify new technologies from the most innovative industries to revolutionize their own domain, test and research the cross-domain potential, and develop a new technology approach solving old industry problems.

IoT & wearable solutions

Software development for Internet of Things and wearables requires specialized technology knowledge, software architecture expertise, and deep understanding of the user behavior. Learn how V.I.Tech’s expertise and experience in this sphere could help your company’s project.

Technology consulting

Are you interested in what technology would benefit your business most? What area to digitize first for immediate or long term business results? As a technology company, V.I.Tech is the best choice for a consultant that has all the answers.

Client interviews

Jacylyn Bodmer, CIO - Elligo Health Research
V.I.Tech has an impressive depth of knowledge and level of technical skill that differentiates them from comparable vendors we've used in the past. They're always able to find resources to answer our questions.
Ivan Kuziv, Team Lead - MacPaw Inc.
V.I.Tech created effective data models and predictive algorithms to improve customer engagement. Their research and development efforts have translated into increased sales and a quicker user acquisition process... Everything was handled without delay from day one. They put together a team that communicates well, asks the right questions, and provides actionable solutions.
Co-Founder & Chief Solutions Officer, Patient Analytics Company
V.I.Tech delivered the platform with such success that it became the impetus for an ongoing relationship of over 10 years. Their speedy, agile, and collaborative project management helps support the emergent industry’s needs. The team’s expertise and personable teamwork make them a perfect partner.

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