Data Engineering for Patient Analytics Platform


A world-leading healthcare company


Being among the top five healthcare enterprises in the world, the client had to manage information about more than 60 million patients, which is 7.5 billion medical records. It was quite a challenge for the client to make effective use of all that accumulated data and derive meaningful insight from it.


To help the client out, VITech built the architecture and implemented a system that allows:

  • managing 7.5 billion medical records of 60 million patients effectively
  • supporting intricate search criteria with dozens of clinical rules combined into a complex criteria tree
  • providing near-real-time calculations for alerts
  • covering calculations for every alert/measure, every provider/organizational unit and every date range, which will result in billions of aggregate numbers and impose prohibitive storage requirements.


The VITech team designed and developed a system that:

  • supports complex queries consisting of over 50 clinical rules and requesting data of different type/level
  • supports custom combinations of clinical rules and date ranges
  • has a friendly functionality that also supports real-time updates
  • includes pluggable extensions with new clinical rules and aggregation types
  • helps to categorize population stratification by specific criteria
  • analyzes the data in the patient database faster and more reliably
  • helps doctors and clinics to make preventive medicine decisions – an essential step toward market leadership in population analysis.

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