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VITech developed a turnkey end-to-end telehealth solution that provides patients with responsive and proactive digital delivery care. Healthcare facilities that use software for remote medical care can avoid 91% of emergent events, even for patients at the bedside. Our robust HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform is already working to provide personalized and qualitative medical help to everybody. Using our data-driven solution can help prevent transfers and hospitalizations for over 90% of cases and reduce patient leakage and treatment in place. Healthcare facilities can now deliver medical help via audio or video consultations depending on state requirements and individual needs.

About the client

Our client is the leading telemedicine provider specializing in ensuring 24/7/365 expert patients’ care to post-acute facilities and rural acute hospitals. The user-friendly, stable and secure virtual care platform we developed enables quality medical help by combining excellent health care with clinical workflow tools and technology integrated directly into the practice model. It helps to boost medical services with the use of telehealth.

Value delivered

Our client offers evidence-based practices and protocols that meet patient care needs and empower nurses through ongoing support, education, and training. The software we developed helps to reduce disruptive transfers and readmissions, length of stay, and medical coverage costs. Our solution ensures patients the care they need while improving clinician and patient satisfaction and clinical and financial outcomes. The customized platform for remote treatment makes medical care accessible to everyone.

During the pandemic, our client began offering additional services:

  • Actively monitoring updates of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Actively monitoring local, state, and federal governments updates
  • Providing help for many organizations that are using telehealth clinician coverage of our client
  • Daily nursing support (for those who do not already have telehealth daytime coverage of our client)
  • Employee screening
  • Additional telehealth coverage for unavailable physicians.

Our client continues to do so today and extends unwavering support.

Technologies used:

Java 11

IntelliJ IDEA

Azure DevOps

Azure Pipelines



Hibernate tools

Cloud Communication Platform




Several Amazon tools like CloudWatch

Route 53


TeleHealth Case Study second

Business challenge

To meet the client’s needs, we created an application that responds to medical issues within minutes, making nurses happy and ensuring patients feel well-cared for. Our software combines superior technology with medical services and fully integrates with the EMR and other technology. With our solution, care facilities can significantly improve digital management of most medical issues and boost the delivery of healthcare services through advanced technology. Experienced nurses and physicians deliver superior care. The digital model of care is more responsive. Besides, it costs less than staff physicians onsite and helps protect the bottom line through better care management. Our solution can ensure treatment for more residents and deliver proper post-hospital admission protocols and follow-up.

All this makes development work challenging, bringing a lot of new requirements to each release. To keep up with clients’ expectations, we need excellent communication. Our team communicates with customers daily via online meetings. Scaled Agile methodology helps us with the predictability of our deliverables and timeframes.

Why VITech?

Another company previously developed the solution, but the customer decided to change the partner. At that moment, VITech was recommended to the customer because of the work quality, team responsiveness, and adherence to timelines. We managed to take over the project without any inconvenience this may have caused to users ensuring stable work of all application parts.

Project description

Currently, we are developing a homegrown electronic medical record system for post-acute, acute, and long-term facilities of all size providers to document telemedicine visits with patients. Our data-driven platform seamlessly integrates with and complements clinical and operational workflows. It’s a full-stack Java web app running in AWS, and VITech is currently providing it with ongoing maintenance and enhancements.

The team consists of a project manager, four developers, 2 QA engineers, DevOps Engineer, and a PO/Business Analyst. We extend the app’s functionality to help medical facilities improve the quality of medical care.

This project started in May 2021, and it’s still ongoing. We plan to integrate other services and create a Data Warehouse to gather data from different sources and improve usability. 


The full-stack Java web telehealth platform offers 24/7/365 medical care delivered digitally and enables direct integration into the existing workflow. We develop user-friendly and HIPAA-compliant software with intuitive design. Nurses and doctors don’t need special technical knowledge to use the application. The software helps the healthcare facilities to gather information and to make reports.

We offer the following key features:

  • Actionable, real-time data and dashboards
  • Robust routing algorithms
  • Third-party device integration
  • Custom integrations for post-acute and long-term care

Our case studies


Our case studies

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