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VITech is developing a customized solution that can access and explore enriched data and user-friendly analytics to drive success in value-based care managed services. Legal information, pharmacy data, most complete, and up-to-date data assets based on normalized clinical EHR, and social determinants of health – all this and much more builds a solid foundation for sustainable financial success in value-based care managed services.

About the client

Our client was acknowledged as the best in KLAS in value-based care managed services three years in a row. The company is a leading population health management data and software company helping innovative healthcare organizations succeed under value-based care with high-quality aggregated data, actionable insights, and provider-friendly workflow applications.

Value delivered

We develop a platform that allows our client to achieve better and more sustainable financial outcomes by applying expertly derived insights to reduce total medical expense and out-of-network utilization, improve risk adjustment accuracy and quality scores. The solution can store clinical datasets in a simplified analytics-focused model to improve access and querying in the patient population, to see particular insights, and respond to trends. The product’s primary value is to cut medical costs by reducing the amount of manual work and speeding up providing medical services to patients.

Technologies used:

(Back-end) Java 11





Jenkins X

Population Health Management Solution 2

Business challenge

The existing application does not allow users to do flexible searches in the database. There are specific reasons why the search process is not flexible enough: users have to collect data from different sources and use multiple tools for querying the patient population. The main goal is to combine data from various sources into one large data warehouse and replace multiple searching tools with one using the Elasticsearch functionality. It can significantly improve providing the most typical patient searches and creating pre-populated content.

Why VITech?

VITech has helped with similar challenges and received experience. The goal was to create an application to analyze the patient population chosen according to specific criteria. For example, find how many patients with a particular type of diabetes have recently progressed to a more complex form of the disease. Our experience can help healthcare companies develop new solutions and solve patients’ and healthcare providers’ challenges.

Project description

A stand-alone desktop application for making patient search faster, more efficient, more flexible, and compatible with other applications of our customers. It allows processing large, disparate datasets in near real-time.

For example, the doctor must notify patients about important events (vaccination, doctor appointment, etc.). Using cutting-edge technology, on top of our client’s longitudinal data store, our platform allows patient identification and executes sub-second queries on millions of patients for intervention at the right time.

The user-friendly design allows no-code experienced users to think in healthcare terms and build their searches in the database organized into an intuitive catalog. Criteria can be easily added, tailored, and arrayed. The solution can schedule saved queries to execute automatically and provide configurable enrollment and graduation to facilitate patient and group-level actions, uniting this application with care management and outreach platforms.

Stage 1.

The cooperation began from the proof of concept stage that took us four months. Four engineers created an application for the midway and final demo. We provided the list of artifacts to our client as well. It allowed our client to estimate the development tempo and define requirements.

Stage 2.

After the successful initial stage, we started working under a contract not tied to certain artifacts or milestones. We offer our client a capacity of a dedicated team consisting of twelve professionals (an architect, developers, QA, a UI/UX designer, and a business analyst). Our client can make a demand for additional tasks as well.

Our goal is to create an end-to-end care management workflow engine. The solution offers the complete view of the patient population with workflows for outreach, documentation, tasking, and care coordination to close gaps, send a friendly reminder, or support the medical care quality improvement.

Additional products

Besides the primary application for executing sub-second queries on patient populations, we help our partner to develop an additional product for creating measures packages for healthcare facilities that need the data for making annual reports. Our product can quickly build and modify logic, deploy multiple algorithms and process millions of patients in a matter of seconds. The application can work with hundreds of measures: eCQM, QRDA, MIPS.

The publishing platform we help to develop builds reports and scorecards on performance quality, cost & utilization, and more to identify the quality of service the healthcare institutions have provided to patients.

The next big step of our cooperation is creating infrastructure. Our SDLC product allows us to deploy the development environment and start working on the code repository and code development from scratch in a matter of hours. Our experience in this field can help our client as well to unify and to standardize approaches to DevOps culture.


VITech is developing a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant customized integration platform for value-based medical care. The platform allows continuously aggregating and curating high-quality, comprehensive, and up-to-date population health data analytics to improve data experience across all the critical care use cases. The platform can store clinical datasets in a simplified model for easy access and querying, offering analytics-focused data structure and direct, database-level access for ad-hoc analytics and integrations.

The product helps providers identify patient groups and close gaps by turning expertly-derived insights into significant outcomes, including health risk assessment, point of care workflow integration, end-to-end care management, patient outreach campaigns, a patient registry builder, and referral management. Web-based referral entry and queue management help inject insights directly into the referral workflow to lower costs and improve the quality of medical care.

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Our case studies

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