Technology Assessment for a Clinical Research Company


Elligo Health Research, a leading provider of clinical research infrastructure services and technologies


The client needed to integrate two major product components, but the vendor responsible for the integration proceeded too slowly and the quality of the implementation left much to be desired. Additionally, the vendor doubted the architectures of the components and didn’t quite understand the product’s business domain and the client’s business needs.


To solve the issues, VITech offered to review and assess the software architecture of both product components. The goal of the assessment was to:

  • gather the information that would help understand the product
  • assess the existing project practices, processes and workflows to define the strengths and weaknesses of the product
  • offer improvement recommendations based on the gathered information


The report VITech created based on the gathered data helped the client understand product risks and allowed mitigating them at the early stage. Our tech experts provided the client with seven recommendations on product improvement, all of which have been implemented or are currently being adopted. The VITech team showed that they understand the business needs of the client on top of having a solid tech background. The success of our cooperation helped the client see that VITech is a technical partner they can trust.

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