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VITech, as an experienced medical software developing agency, creates efficient healthcare software, which is crucial for compatibility, patient involvement management, precise symptom indication, and conclusive healthcare outcomes services. We can be helpful with our healthcare development services in reaching error-free, safe, and user-friendly interoperability with different web and mobile solutions while being in compliance with HIPAA and other significant healthcare regulations.

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Custom healthcare software development

Our company is engaged in a full range of healthcare software development services. Today, our team consists of 100+ specialists with the needed knowledge and skills who have developed experience in various industries. We aim to help companies reduce their healthcare software development costs and speed their time to market. Years of experience as a medical software development company and an understanding of the business processes allow us to meet customers’ needs and help them achieve their goals. Professionals around the world use our products.

Health software development services

Automation of a healthcare facility would simplify the office management process. We can develop convenient solutions for better organizing documentation and administrative work.

For doctors

The unified electronic database of patients would provide the possibility of maintaining each patient’s personal electronic medical history. Each doctor would have a log of medical examinations, prescribed meds, labs and other patients’ medical data, and individual treatment plans.

The software created by the healthcare software development company would also allow attaching test results, ultrasound images, and other files to the medical history. The database contains ready-made treatment plans and examinations for several diagnoses from the ICD list.

In addition, the software allows not only to make the institution’s work more efficient but also to raise service to a new level, considering the visitors’ feedback.

The software includes effective solutions for managing and automating the clinic: costing of all services and automatic write-off of consumables, statistics on hospital visits with the ability to adjust the schedules of each department, statistics on services and goods sold, analysis of payments, etc.
We aim to have the broadest range of features developed for attracting and retaining customers:

  • Personal data records
  • Statistics on private visits to doctors
  • Suggesting a date for a return visit

For patients

The treatment process should be as easy as possible. Healthcare custom software development should serve doctors as well as patients. Patients will get full access to their medical history through the app or their account on the official website. Each client will receive information about tests and their results.
Fixing appointments with doctors would also become more accessible. The client base provides SMS sending, mailing, and individual messages with reminders about the visit or test results.

Custom healthcare software development process in VITech

The healthcare software development life cycle begins with the analysis stage, allowing the participants to discuss the final product’s requirements. This stage aims to determine the detailed requirements for the software. It is also necessary to ensure that all participants correctly understand the tasks set and how each requirement will be implemented in practice.

During the design phase (also called the architecture phase), programmers and system architects analyze the requirements to develop a software design.

The development stage starts after approving the general design of the product. Programmers start writing code according to the previously defined requirements.

The testing phase aims to discover bugs missed during the development stage. When a defect is found, the tester writes a bug report and sends it to the developers. They fix it and repeat a test — to make sure that the problem doesn’t exist anymore and the fix itself did not cause new defects in the product.

When the program has been tested, and there are no more severe defects, it’s time for release.
After the release for end-users, the technical support department work starts. They get feedback from users and make suggestions for upgrades.

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