Healthcare software development

We are passionate about improving people’s lives with digital products that are a pleasure to use. We cover every aspect of a practice, whether diagnostics, patient care, or administration. Driven by a human-centered mindset and focus on change, our dedicated development teams will lead you to a successful product now and into the future. VITech helped to streamline online access to doctors, provide laboratory results to patients and healthcare teams, and manage consultations.

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Our healthtech domain expertise combines a robust strategic approach, regulatory-focused development experience, and design excellence. Let’s co-create products that enhance patient experience and improve people’s lives.

Our healthtech software development services

VITech provides custom medical software development, delivering highly efficient and scalable healthtech web and mobile applications. Our experts utilize a cutting-edge technology stack, constantly adapting to our client’s business goals and development needs. As a healthtech company, we use UX best practices and an intuitive healthtech app design that will delight your customers. Our dedicated team of healthtech developers with industry-specific experience consistently delivers successful products in the medical, pharmaceutical, social services, and healthcare sectors.
Our way of developing digital medical experiences encompasses the three circles of a complete healthtech process: users’ needs, the latest stack, and ongoing attention to many regulatory requirements.

We focus on the following:
Digital patient
Patient engagement shouldn’t be limited to a doctor’s office. We develop consumer products that help people keep control of their health everywhere.
Digital hospital
VITech partners with companies that eliminate manual recordkeeping and outdated medical practices so physicians can devote more focused time to their patients.
As the healthcare paradigm shifts from volume to value, VITech is right there with you.

Our expertise

  • Data management for hospitals & clinics
  • Big data solutions
  • Custom healthtech apps
  • Data analytics tools
  • Smart systems
  • Care home management
  • Hospital management services
  • Medical billing systems
  • Electronic medical records
  • Patient management tools
  • Clinical decision support

We can create your healthtech solution
As a healthtech company, VITech knows the value of digitizing and automating medical workflows. Our electronic medical records reduce paperwork for hospitals and clinics, allowing medical personnel to focus more time on patient care. Our healthcare software developers have extensive experience building user-friendly, state-of-the-art apps that streamline processes and automate mundane tasks. Providing healthcare software development, we build advanced data analytics solutions that collect and process patient information, making it available when medical staff needs it. Patient data storage is centralized and synchronized across healthcare departments, giving healthcare providers a comprehensive view of their patients. It facilitates precise and data-driven diagnoses and treatment plans. As a healthcare app development company, we offer consulting, UX/UI design, web application development, testing services, and ongoing post-launch support.
Steps needed to bring a product successfully to market:

  • Data structuring.
  • User stories mapping – a short description of all features from an end-user perspective arranged into functional groups.
  • Information architecture – all gathered information is organized to give users a perfect flow.
  • Defining business goals.
  • Ideation and prototyping.
  • Brainstorming & Sketching – we come up with possible solutions based on core data, user stories, and information architecture.
  • Moodboards. Created to reach a better understanding of visual design needs.
  • Wireframing & Prototyping. With details and structure added to ideas, we reuse patterns and create pages on top of user flows to produce low-fidelity wireframes. Prototyping adds more visibility and insights into the future product.
  • Visual design system. Prepares a collection of reusable components and guidelines that explain how to use each feature.
  • Finalizing product.
  • Responsive design – we use responsive guidelines to create responsive versions of screens for each platform.
  • Vision and scope document. An executive summary describes business requirements, project context, the solution’s vision, and the scope and limitations.
  • Validation.

Project discovery phase

If you want to build a product from scratch, our team will support you throughout all the software development stages, the first of which is the discovery phase. At this phase, we will help you define a product concept, so our team can better understand your business goals and project scope.
Whether we set up a dedicated team of developers or complement your existing team, we will first study your product. We will examine your current architecture, codebase, deployment approach and pipelines, project management roadmap, and of course, the vision of your product.
Discovery Phase includes the following stages:
Defining business goals
We gather and analyze information to define the project’s most critical goals, general scope, and aspirational targets.
Clarification of success criteria
In measurable terms, the discovery phase aims to determine a successful project outcome for the client, the end user, and all other stakeholders.
User journey mapping
To create better experiences for end-users, we build a visualization of how a person uses a product to achieve the desired goal.
Technical analysis
We provide functional and technical analyses of the product and then suggest relevant technologies and tools for development. In addition, we select suited AWS services.
Deliverables finalization
We generate a set of documents with finalized deliverables that define further steps for product implementation.
Benefits of the discovery phase

  • The discovery phase can eliminate most of the uncertainty and reduce risks early in development.
  • The discovery phase provides the engineering team with project goals and direction so they understand all the key drivers and see the big picture.
  • The discovery phase helps identify the best way to attain the project’s objectives from a technical and business perspective.

UX/UI design services

We are experts in

  • Complex web applications

As a web application development company, our specialists are skilled in structuring applications and organizing complex user flows into easy-to-use products. VITech creates innovative and functional UX/UI design solutions for web apps of any complexity.

  • Hybrid and native mobile apps

According to UX/UI design services, we design beautiful native mobile apps taking advantage of all platform features, elements, components, libraries, and patterns so your app delivers a seamless and elegant user experience.

What is UX design?

  • Information architecture
  • Competitive analysis
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Wireframing
  • Interaction design
  • Research

What is UI design?

  • Ideate & Mood board
  • Branding & Graphics
  • Colors & Accessibility
  • Icons & Typography
  • Layouts & Design system
  • Visual design

Web design
We design client-centered, high-resolution web designs that look sleek in any browser. We help you shape your brand identity and ensure a responsive site with optimized page loading.
Mobile design
We offer creative and modern design for all screen sizes and platforms: iOS, Android, tablets, smartphones. As UI/UX mobile app design company, we follow official guidelines, provide a native look and feel, and give users a smooth and seamless interaction with your apps.
Dedicated designer
We assign a dedicated designer to handle your project’s needs and provide a single point of contact to address all your questions and concerns throughout the design process.
The UX/UI design team works with business analysts to create products that exceed our customers’ expectations. This collaborative team ensures that every detail of your product receives expert analysis and thorough user testing. The stages of our user-centered design process do not have to follow any specific order and can be repeated iteratively. As a result of such collaboration, clients receive detailed and well-structured products analyzed and tested by users.

Web application development services

We transform all software implementation, configuration, and testing complexities into scalable, design-led technology solutions. VITECH offers end-to-end product development: researching, ideating, prototyping, validating, and launching your products through full-scale management and integration of requirements, use cases, and user feedback.
We help healthcare providers deliver intuitive, secure experiences to serve patients and medical professionals.
Key points:

  • patient-centric care model
  • improved health outcomes
  • more efficient patient-doctor interactions
  • enhanced disease prevention
  • reduced paperwork

Our web application development services include:
Consulting. Together we can uncover your business’s unique challenges and opportunities. This strategic information informs the software design that resonates with your target audience and prompts growth.
Custom mobile app development. We build tailored healthtech solutions that empower you to deliver more effective, productive, and cost-efficient healthcare. The inevitable result? Competitive advantage within your market.
IoT (IoMT) enablement. We embed Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) components in healthcare applications to monitor and modify patient behavior and health status in real-time, streamline clinical processes, and improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.
Backend. We enjoy its flexibility in building scalable and high-load web applications and believe it’s the best option for serverless app development. Our team can easily integrate third-party solutions and APIs into mobile and web applications and incorporate real-time features.
Frontend. We have experience solving complex frontend-related tasks, including implementing diagramming, online and offline video-based learning, customizable social media-based dashboards, and lossless real-time sports streaming. We work with visualization, real-time performance tracking, and detailed statistics.
Infrastructure. As a serverless app development company, we love serverless software. Our team works mainly with AWS to build cloud architectures. We can build productive CI/CD pipelines for your project, leveraging AWS functions and services to provide a complete solution that automates infrastructure deployments and updates.
Databases. The database type used for each project depends on your requirements, the technical aspects of your app, and how your architecture is set up.

Telemedicine app development

The future belongs to digitally savvy caregivers. We help ambitious companies pave the way to a new healthcare reality that revolutionizes delivery with innovative telehealth apps that expand clinical access, optimize operational efficiency, and improve patient outcomes.
We empower patients and caregivers with web, mobile, and voice telemedicine applications designed to reduce staff workload and enhance patients’ experiences by improving the convenience and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

Benefits for physicians and healthcare providers

  • Better care coverage and optimized resource management
  • Improved quality of diagnostics and care
  • Improved chronic condition management
  • Personalized data-driven prevention strategies
  • Fewer patient no-shows

Benefits for patients

  • Easy access to specialists regardless of location.
  • No transportation time and costs.
  • Less time spent in waiting rooms.
  • Medical access for people in underserved areas.
  • Reduced exposure to pathogens.
  • Our telemedicine app development services.
  • ​With a well-designed telehealth app, healthcare professionals can deliver better services and value to patients across their entire health journey, from primary care to specialty and home care.
  • Real-time telehealth applications. Real-time telemedicine applications allow patients to connect with a physician remotely using audiovisual technology, phone calls, or text, making them an excellent fit for consultations, follow-up visits, and medication supervision.
  • Urgent care.
  • Virtual checkups.
  • Primary care.
  • Follow-up for treatment evaluation.
  • Store-and-forward telemedicine solutions allow healthcare workers to easily share securely stored patient medical records, lab results, and health reports with other specialists, an approach that improves interoperability and decision-making.
  • Integration with electronic health records (EHR) for remote data access.
  • Drug prescription management.
  • Historical and predictive data analysis.

Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring allows medical staff to gather health data from afar using biosensors and connected medical devices like glucose meters and ECG patches. It’s often used for managing high-risk patients and those who have already been discharged:

  • Real-time analytics
  • Early symptom recognition
  • In-home senior care
  • Support for patients with limited mobility

Essential features of a top-notch telehealth app

Integrate these core features into your telehealth app to meet consumer demands and deliver a healthy bottom line.
Features for patients

  • Sign-up and authentication
  • Access to doctors’ profiles
  • Appointment booking
  • Voice calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Chat
  • Ratings and reviews

Features for doctors

  • Personal profile management
  • Patient profiles
  • EHR integration
  • Appointment management
  • E-prescriptions
  • Billing systems
  • Communication tools

Native IOS and Android development

Our mobile experts analyze your project requirements and recommend first-class technical solutions to achieve your goals. During development, we examine your business and offer ways to improve the product and create a smooth user experience.
Delivering custom mobile app development services, we take advantage of the variety of device features available on the iOS platform to create custom applications that augment the user experience. Whether you have an excellent idea for an app or need an existing concept refined into something truly unique, we can help. We deliver results that meet both your and your client’s expectations.
Types of medical apps we develop
Whether it’s a healthtech solution, a telemedicine platform, or an electronic health records (EHR) product, we develop mobile health apps that deliver personalized, connected, and informed care.
We build custom telehealth solutions so you can maximize your business’s capacity and simultaneously provide high-quality virtual care. Empower your users to make appointments online, consult with a physician via chat or video call, and view treatment plans from their mobile devices.
We create products for mobile devices that aid healthcare specialists in making decisions, provide treatment options for particular conditions, and facilitate early diagnosis of some diseases.
We build mobile health apps to help clinicians identify disease symptoms, track patient activities, and manage chronic conditions.
VITech builds solutions that allow healthcare professionals and medical institutions to streamline operations through online appointment scheduling and remote diagnostics and treatment. Manual recordkeeping is reduced along the way. The user can get a holistic view of each patient by implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Essential features of a successful healthcare app
We explore the types of services and functionality that your healthcare niche requires so you can meet and exceed end-user needs and expectations:

  • Patient and doctor profile.
  • Vitals monitoring.
  • Symptom tracking.
  • Prescriptions.
  • Medication management.
  • Payment integration.
  • Data storage for health records.
  • Location identification.
  • Patient-doctor communication tools.
  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Integrations with wearables and/or medical devices.

AWS migration and consulting

We offer our clients a massive spectrum of serverless development and AWS services. If you opt for serverless computing, you can save money on infrastructure. In addition, project maintenance requires less effort with the serverless model so that you can focus on strategic tasks. Going serverless brings several other, less obvious benefits. They include simple deployment and continuous delivery, high adaptability and easy pivoting, and a level of reusability not offered by any other infrastructure type.

Test automation services

We help optimize testing efforts and costs, speed up release cycles, and increase test coverage by providing custom automated testing solutions. It allows us to adopt continuous testing, reduce the risk of human error, and automate bug detection. Our test automation services incorporate a wide range of testing needs, including:

  • Unit tests test individual features in isolation to make bug detection almost effortless. They’re reliable and speedy — a unit test that takes one-tenth of a second is considered slow.
  • Integration tests are also relatively fast and verify how two or several units work together.

Our test automation implementation process has the following stages:

  1. Evaluation. Before testing, we complete an analysis of your entire product. We define the scope of tests required and develop a prioritization scheme for testing, including identifying which tests are essential for your development. It helps prevent redundant rounds of quality assurance and delivers results that meet your expectations.
  2. Core development.
  3. Integration.
  4. Test development and support.

HIPAA-compliant software development

Our security experts use data collected during the information-gathering stage as a baseline for pen test execution. We conduct manual and automated testing to cover common attack patterns and detect application vulnerabilities.
Our solutions are designed with secure engineering practices. They strictly follow industry-specific compliance standards to identify and address system threats and protect patient and customer data.

Why VITech?

VITech covers all stages of the development process: from discovery and concept to implementation and support. We use the agile approach to unlock the full potential of technology for your business, bringing solid experience alongside innovations.
Our expertise covers project scoping and prototyping, UX/UI design, web application development services, mobile development, serverless computing, test automation, and security services. We know how to avoid common development pitfalls.
We offer:
Business associate contracts
By signing a business associate agreement, we ensure the strict confidentiality of personal data and its usage during the mobile app development process.
Transparent workflow
As your trusted business partner, we create a transparent workflow that doesn’t expose sensitive information or compromise intellectual property.
Restricted access to user data
At VITech, only individuals in approved, role-specific positions with authorized credentials are allowed access to certain types of information.
Full compliance with HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules
Our team adheres to all HIPAA compliance requirements to guarantee the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of protected health information (PHI).
Extensive tech expertise

  • Certified professionals
  • Strong knowledge-sharing
  • T-shaped skills

Local community brand

  • Regular tech meetups
  • Own tech communities
  • In-house training

Mature engineers

  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • High English communication skills
  • Hard-working corporate culture

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