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IT consulting services ensure professional technical advice to a business or organization. It may entail offering and implementing specific software solutions to a company or organization to optimize processes by increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Many businesses and organizations need information technology (IT) consulting as they require state-of-the-art technical insight that in-house staff may need help to provide.

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Our technology consulting services

Access, experience, and outcomes are the essential expectations that every person has of healthcare. Our healthcare it consulting company helps our clients meet them. No matter where the people live, they need quick access to convenient, equitable, and affordable medical care. Industries such as banking or retail already offer personalized and timely service. The patients can expect the same experience in medical care. It is why the highly customized experience has become a top strategic priority for 92% of health executives rank. Improving patient outcomes and affordable medical care access with the help of IT consulting contribute to higher living standards.

Our healthcare it consulting company can help our customers address these critical imperatives through cloud-based intelligent software that significantly increases workforce productivity, improves resource capacity, connects patient data for more personalized services across channels, and improves the quality of therapeutics and medical care.

Together with the world’s leading providers, public health entities, and healthcare payers, we offer healthcare it consulting services to improve healthcare experiences for all by putting humans at the true center of care.

Our services

VITech, as a healthcare it consulting company, provides a full scope of IT healthcare consulting services to ensure efficient resource allocation, data integrity, and security. Our consultants are proficient in advanced technologies and are ready to help you introduce new software and improve existing solutions. We can implement innovative digital health strategies to fundamentally change the consumer experience and keep people at the core with technologies, insights, and programs.

The main task of IT healthcare consulting specialists is to provide clients with solutions that allow organizing the work of the enterprise in such a way that the use of all the resources has the most positive effect on all key performance indicators of the organization.Our healthcare it consulting company can prepare your healthcare organization for waves of disruption today and in the future. We make every part of your healthcare business more cyber-resilient.

Our IT healthcare consulting services enable medical companies to offer future-ready care at the speed of life and to adopt an agile mindset. We are embedding advanced analytics and intelligence to achieve superior results in any market environment. Cloud is the foundation for streamlining operations, and the future of healthcare advances innovation and improves care. Our IT healthcare company brings data-driven insights to public sector health organizations and their communities.

Our IT healthcare consulting services drive fail-proof IT strategy planning and worry-free tech launch for care providers, products, medical devices, and pharma companies. HIPAA-certified, VITech meticulously studies your business and helps to create secure and efficient solutions and operations.

Technology audit

IT consulting always begins with a technological audit. It is a preliminary survey and assessment of the enterprise state before implementing the planned project. In this case, our IT healthcare experts evaluate how efficiently the company spends its resources. A mandatory audit component assesses the planned project and the need to improve the technical base. The evaluation results provide an understanding of the project’s approach, necessary preparations, and expected results.

Assessment of the existing IT environment means:

  • Analysis of your business needs and workflows. 
  • Review of the IT environment components, data flows between them, etc. 
  • Security and compliance analysis of the IT ecosystem. 
  • IT environment optimization guidance. 
  • Compliance guidance on HIPAA, FDA, and other regulations. 

IT healthcare strategy consulting means:

  • Analysis of your business needs and planning of IT initiatives to tackle them. 
  • An efficient healthcare IT strategy and implementation roadmap to improve IT performance and reliability ensure seamless workflows. 
  • Software integration planning. 
  • Compliance guidance on HIPAA, FDA, and other regulations.

Technological design

Technological design is a part of the IT healthcare consulting process that offers a complete description of the planned production and the most optimal conditions for organizing the sound output. At the same time, we develop recommendations and forecast production’s economic indicators.

Development of a modernization plan

Our healthcare IT consulting company’s specialists will help to analyze the enterprise’s functioning and offer the simplest and most effective way to switch to modern technologies in production. It is essential for successful IT healthcare consulting.

Technical supervision

The consultants of our IT healthcare consulting company provide a technical supervision service to implement the developed project. An external IT consultant is a reliable control over the planned activities and a way to avoid mistakes in implementing infrastructure development plans.

Analysis of alternative solutions

Often, long-established partnerships lose their relevance and become unprofitable. Therefore, the company needs to look for an alternative periodically. Sometimes healthcare IT consulting helps to understand that a change in supplier can provide a long-term economic benefit to the customer.

Cybersecurity IT strategy consulting

Data is at the heart of healthcare – sensitive personal, medical, research, and financial data. There are dozens of millions of data breaches each year. Protecting it is critical to humanizing healthcare. It is a massive threat to every business. That’s why our healthcare IT consulting company works with providers, payers, public health entities, and pharma companies to improve resilience to cyber threats by embedding security into the technology ecosystem.

Ensuring security protocols is critical due to the constant influx of data. Creating and maintaining a secure cybersecurity action plan for an organization is one of the core responsibilities of our healthcare IT consulting company.

We offer effective healthcare IT consulting services to combine an understanding of the healthcare industry –  workflows, ecosystems, stakeholders, and regulations – with focused and proactive threat intelligence so healthcare players can improve cyber resilience to stay ahead of threats. Our healthcare IT consulting company strives to make healthcare more secure for all.

Cyber resilience in healthcare means preparing for threats, predicting and detecting breaches, and responding to and recovering from incidents – leveraging technology and human ingenuity.

Healthcare organizations need end-to-end cyber defenses to reduce risk and keep going if breaches occur. People expect healthcare organizations to take care of their data like they take care of their health. The evolution of care delivery introduces ever-advancing security risks for medical devices and IoMT in clinical environments.

The deep industry expertise and broad cybersecurity knowledge of our healthcare IT consulting company allow us to develop next-gen cybersecurity solutions from implementation, IT consulting, and managed services to protect your business end-to-end:

  • Safe journey to the cloud. We offer effective healthcare IT consulting services to build security from the ground up as healthcare organizations shift to the cloud.
  • Ransomware and incident response. Our healthcare IT consulting services help to detect, defend against, and recover from threats from advanced cyber adversaries.
  • Medical data security and patient privacy. Our healthcare IT consulting services help to protect patient and member data and infrastructure across the enterprise.
  • Digital identity. Our healthcare IT consulting company helps to streamline identity and access management across multiple integrations.
  • Internet of medical things security. Our healthcare IT consulting services help to develop secure medical devices by managing risk from pre-procurement to decommissioning.
  • Managed security services. Our healthcare IT consulting services help to mitigate possible risks across critical value chain areas and embed security to build resilience. Our healthcare IT consulting can scale security and compliance to stay ahead of threats while driving down costs.
  • Cyber Protection Strategy and Resilience. Our healthcare IT consulting services help you to define cyber, risk mitigation, and regulatory strategies to protect the business and align security to business priorities. Our clients can prepare and respond quickly to attacks by better understanding emerging threats and pressure test defenses.

Maintenance and support

Even after a successful modernization and optimization of production, the client sometimes needs the help of a healthcare IT consulting specialist. Our healthcare IT consulting accompanies the client’s enterprise and advises on relevant issues that solve current problems.

Medical solution IT consulting 

Our healthcare IT consulting company analyses your business needs, operational processes, etc. Our healthcare IT consulting services help you with medical software cost estimation and ROI analysis, compliance guidance on HIPAA, FDA, and other regulations, and the technical design of the medical solution and its integrations (with EHR, CRM, revenue management software, etc.) 

Our healthcare IT consulting company can also help with healthcare software implementation or user training if required. 

Healthcare software optimization and modernization 

Our healthcare IT consulting company helps you with performance optimization,  security and compliance improvement, healthcare software architecture redesign, or evolution of medical software (e.g., implementation of advanced techs, new functionality, convenience features). 

 Migration to a HIPAA-compliant cloud 

Our healthcare IT consulting services also include a selection of an optimal HIPAA-compliant cloud provider (AWS, Azure, etc.), planning software migration to a HIPAA-compliant cloud, carrying out migration to a cloud, optimizing software in a HIPAA-compliant cloud and using cloud resources to cut expenses. Our healthcare IT consulting cares about HIPAA compliance with technical (e.g., ePHI access control) and physical (e.g., facility access control) safeguards, correction measures for the vulnerabilities that cybercriminals may exploit, and security testing routine to ensure timely. 

Healthcare IT support 

VITech, as a healthcare IT consulting company, offers support for all healthcare IT ecosystem components (e.g., networks, IoMT infrastructure, EHR, and patient portals), proactive healthcare IT support (e.g., security, healthcare IT infrastructure monitoring and maintenance), reactive IT support (e.g., L1-L3 support). 

Healthcare software development 

Our healthcare IT consulting helps you design flexible architecture and required integrations and develop convenient UX designs for doctors, nurses, patients, etc., development in compliance with HIPAA, FDA, and other regulations, (if required) user training for doctors, nurses, etc., support and maintenance services according to the required schedule. 

Integration of healthcare software 

VITech helps integrate the software with clinical software (e.g., EHR, laboratory management system, medical imaging software), Patient software (patient portals, telehealth apps, etc.), management software (e.g., CRM, practice management software), IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) systems and connected medical devices. 

Digital health startup IT consulting 

Market and business need analysis. Our healthcare IT consulting offers healthcare software idea productization, healthcare software design (feature list, architecture, tech stack, etc.), business case design (with cost and ROI estimation), compliance guidance on HIPAA, FDA, and other regulations, or, if required, healthcare software development and after-launch support. 

Operations transformation 

Operational transformation (OT) can prepare your organization or business to deal with increasing global competition, expanding markets, higher customer expectations, increasing digitization, and advanced technologies. Every change in the market can affect how a company performs and operates. Sometimes, it takes work because after solving one problem comes the next. Our healthcare IT consulting will help you through the operations transformation process and prepare you to deal with potential or unforeseen obstacles.

Customized cloud solutions

The convergence of technology and human ingenuity has created a new era of healthcare. Our healthcare IT consulting services help you to put people at the center of care delivery, and providers can make decisions based on real-time insights in ways that they never could before. Cloud is the most critical enabler of this shift.

Our healthcare IT consulting company can help you by moving to the cloud. Providers can unlock the full potential of their people by restructuring their organizations to replace routine tasks with automation, machine learning, and AI at scale. Our professional healthcare IT consulting providers can transform business models and technology portfolios to deliver differentiated experiences that meet people’s changing expectations and drive profitable growth. And they can reorient their organizations to be insight-driven. IT consulting helps you shift from reactive to proactive care delivery that can result in better outcomes, such as reduced readmittance rates and better management of chronic conditions. Our healthcare IT consulting with customized cloud solutions streamlines operations, advances innovation, builds the foundation for the future of healthcare, and improves the quality of care through transparency and personalization, which often means a lot of pressure to expand access while increasing affordability. Doing these things takes healthcare IT consulting, continuous innovation, data insight and integration, and new working methods. It’s all possible with a cloud-rooted foundation. Our healthcare IT consulting services aim to improve clinical outcomes through analytics and next-gen digital native capabilities. 

To make the most of it, medical care organizations must shift how they run the business and their culture. Our healthcare IT consulting company sees the cloud as much more than technology investment. Healthcare companies, with the help of IT consulting, can pursue the next wave of innovation, putting cloud technologies at the center of the business. It’s about harnessing the cloud to improve business and human outcomes by delivering technology. And reimagining the future of healthcare in the process that we participate in as a healthcare IT consulting company.

With the cloud, providers can unlock value in critical areas:

  • Patient engagement. Our healthcare IT consulting services can help you to engage patients actively and passively to enhance care quality and delivery, and proactive outreach to patients for scheduling or upon notification of a health issue by a device is just one example of new engagement models.
  • Care delivery. VITech, as a healthcare IT consulting company, can help you to deliver care anywhere without constraints of physical distance. Virtual care paired with remote device monitoring can create new opportunities for providers to humanize healthcare and put people first.
  • Workforce. Our healthcare IT consulting company can help you to build a future-ready workforce that is more agile and productive. Modernizing platforms will help providers introduce new capabilities at an accelerated pace so teams can do more faster.
  • Partnerships. Our healthcare IT consulting services can reimagine health partnerships with new ecosystem collaboration. A cloud foundation can accelerate transformation as health + tech partnerships multiply across the provider landscape.
  • Care providers. Our healthcare IT consulting company securely lets care providers put people at the center. As ransomware cases accelerate in hospital systems, having a cloud foundation can improve the security posture, ensuring patient data is secure.

Most healthcare organizations have begun moving their workloads to the cloud, evolving toward a hybrid environment. But this is more than just a one-and-done undertaking. It is critical to continually curate the vision, refresh the value case and adjust the plan based on changing needs. Here are the most important steps:

  1. Develop the vision and strategy. Our healthcare IT consulting can bring business and technology leaders together to align around how business needs and cloud-based technical functionality intersect to be sure of defining transformation priorities and goals through a human lens.
  2. Build a strong value case. Assess the organization’s cloud state and build a rough order of magnitude IT savings and business value estimate. Our healthcare IT consulting can determine the talent mix needed for the business strategy and digital transformation.
  3. Create the path for progress. Our healthcare IT consulting helps to create a migration plan that makes the most of both internal capabilities and the specialized skills of ecosystem partners. We assist you by planning to migrate “no regret” applications first and invest in approaches that drive adoption among key stakeholders.

Customized healthcare IT solutions we can create

VITech will help you modernize, work with ecosystem partners across platforms and deliver more personalized, future-ready care—at the speed of life. Healthcare technology is making the delivery of medical services more competitive, complex, and demanding. Our healthcare IT consulting can help you to upskill your employees and equip them with more innovative tools to drive more intelligent, insight-driven health – putting consumers at the heart of progress.

Our healthcare IT consulting company can create: 

  • Healthcare software for providers (hospitals, outpatient clinics, labs, etc.). 
  • Software for medical device manufacturers. 
  • Digital health startups and software product companies.
  • Industry Platforms. 
  • Embrace agility, new skills, and consumer- and patient-centricity. Develop an innovation culture to adapt, ensure flexibility, and stay relevant continuously.
  • More straightforward, intuitive ways to understand customers’ needs and nurture strong relationships to enhance their experiences.
  • Modernization by blending legacy systems with new technologies to become the intelligent healthcare enterprise of the future, from the back office to the doctor’s office.
  • Back office Transformation with analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence to accelerate productivity and create a value engine.

Our customized healthcare IT consulting services 

Our healthcare IT consulting company infuses fresh thinking to improve your economic sustainability and transform health services with deep end-to-end expertise across the payer, provider, and public health landscape and broad cross-industry experience. 

You can operate more effectively and affordably by embracing new technologies and with our healthcare IT consulting. We help collaborate with disruptors while adopting an agile mindset that will fast-track innovation and enable healthcare enterprises to do things previously impossible. 

Patient engagement solutions 

VITech will help you design and plan the development of the following customized solutions:

  • Patient portals 
  • Mobile applications for health parameters tracking, nutrition monitoring etc.
  • Chronic disease management applications 
  • Health education software and clinical maps. 

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) 

Our healthcare IT consulting company advises on RPM software that allows the following: 

  • Collecting and analyzing detailed information about patients’ vitals
  • Sharing patient data with integrated healthcare IT systems (e.g., EHR, HMS)
  • Alerting a doctor, a patient, and caregivers in case of alarming health parameters.

Telemedicine software

VITech experts design telemedicine software offerings such as:

  • Engaging video appointments
  • Remote diagnosing
  • Vitals tracking (e.g., for pulse and blood pressure) 
  • Automated billing due to integration with EHR
  • Data analytics of patient outcome trends and physician performance. 

Chronic disease management and digital therapeutics 

Our healthcare IT consulting company designs software featuring: 

  • Notifications on scheduled appointments, lab results, medication management etc.
  • Medication intake scheme. 
  • Disease-specific therapy programs aimed at symptom relief (breathing exercises for cardiac health, etc.). 
  • Nutrition and activity instructions.

Healthcare data management and analytics 

Our healthcare IT consulting company helps integrate data from all required apps to get insights into: 

  • Patient outcomes. 
  • Physicians’ and nurses’ performance. 
  • Research and development progress. 
  • Staffing gaps. 
  • Population health. 
  • Financial data analytics. 
  • Medical devices usage and performance. 
  • Medical facilities condition and usage.

Staff, patient, facility tracking software 

Our healthcare IT consulting company offers expertise in IoT software for: 

  • Staff tracking to avoid overwork and optimize workflows. 
  • Inpatient tracking with smart sensors or devices to improve safety and provide timely care. 
  • Hospital asset tracking uses RFID tags to prevent underutilization or loss of equipment. 

Medical device software mobile app

Our healthcare IT consulting company also works with most requested modules for on-the-go access to medical device software, which eases the work of healthcare professionals or the disease management for patients:

  • Advanced analytics that uses data from connected devices to identify patient trends and predict the course of the disease, detect hazardous symptoms at an early stage, assess medication efficiency, etc. 
  • Cloud platform. 
  • Cloud-connected devices (e.g., glucose monitors, pacemakers, smart inhalers) that transmit patient vitals, diagnostics, and treatment data to the cloud platform for analytics. Cloud platform enables management of the connected devices (e.g., device failure identification, parameter configuration). 
  • IoT-based medical device tracking. 
  • Complex medical equipment and devices are tracked to identify the location, ensure proper device disinfection and sanitation, decrease device search time, and provide remote maintenance. 
  • Platforms for real-time health monitoring to automate the hospital workflows and motivate patients to manage their health, the medical device software collects, stores, and analyzes patient health information (e.g., blood glucose level, sleep data). 

 Healthcare IT consulting: step by step

  1. Business analysis (for healthcare organizations). Business needs analysis, current IT ecosystem analysis (for product companies), market analysis and competitors research, target customer identification, functional and non-functional software requirements elicitation, feature planning, and prioritization. Our IT consulting can help you with it and with healthcare software compliance requirements gathering for applicable regulations (e.g., HIPAA, GDPR). 
  2. Software design. In this case, it consulting services include architecture design of healthcare software, tech stack selection, integration design, etc. 
  3. Project planning. Our IT consulting helps you with healthcare software delivery schedule planning, budget planning, and ROI calculation. 
  4. Risk assessment and management planning analysis of healthcare software development and use risks
  5. Drawing up the risk mitigation plan

As a healthcare IT consulting company, we recommend: If your healthcare software needs early stakeholder or market validation, start with MVP development. MVP features core software functionality with simple UX and UI design and can be enhanced further based on the received feedback. 

KPIs in Focus 

We build our healthcare IT consulting services around customers’ goals and KPIs when designing an IT strategy or digital health software for hospitals, labs, healthcare startups, mature software product companies, medical device providers, and pharmaceutical companies. These are a few groups of KPIs we focus on: 

  • Patient health outcomes and quality of care, e.g., reduced complications rate, lower readmission rate. 
  • Medical staff performance, e.g., faster patient care delivery and reduced time spent on report creation. 
  • Cost of care, e.g., decreased length of patient stay in the hospital and ancillary fees, reduced cost per visit. 
  • Cost-effectiveness. To help you cut development time and costs, we suggest building healthcare software from proven third-party components (e.g., cloud analytics services). We select optimal software components for each customer and integrate them professionally. For example, in one of our healthcare IT consulting projects, we helped the customer reduce app ownership costs by transferring the advertising platform to a multi-tenant model. 
  • Patient engagement, e.g., increased visit attendance and reduced hospitalizations. User satisfaction, e.g., the number of active patients using a mobile healthcare app daily. 
  • Asset management, e.g., increased asset utilization rate and decreased asset search time. 
  • Deep healthcare industry knowledge. VITech healthcare IT consultants have experience in pharmaceutical and biotech domains, health insurance, clinical processes, medical devices, etc. They guide our customers in planning, implementing, and supporting healthcare software that suits their strategic goals and business models. 
  • End-to-end services. VITech combines IT healthcare consulting with practical assistance for healthcare organizations and software product companies: implementation of digital initiatives, development of software products, continuous IT support, managed IT services, etc.
  • Fast software benefits. We work in iterations to help healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and healthcare software startups get the first benefits from our cooperation within several months. After the IT consulting and rolling out the first software version or implementing primary changes to existing software, we continue refining software to drive better business results and deliver all required functionality.
  • A meticulous approach to quality and security. We prioritize the quality and safety of the healthcare software to help our customers get tangible business value, optimize costs, and withstand any security threats. With comprehensive policies, well-implemented processes, and skilled professionals, VITech manages the quality and security of healthcare projects.
  • Business-oriented cooperation. Our healthcare IT consulting services help healthcare organizations and software product companies introduce new value-driving technologies and improve clinical and business processes to achieve better results and cut IT operating costs. The medical IT solutions and software products we suggest are backed by thoughtful business analysis and help you reach your KPIs.

Our approach

Thanks to our IT consulting services, you can get an assessment of the state of your enterprise, recommendations related to the use of technologies, and a strategy for further development of the company’s technical base without much effort and extra time.

Every project is unique and needs an individual approach, so companies should choose healthcare IT consulting companies. Firms may feel overwhelmed by the wide range of technologies available to them. It can be a daunting task to find the right option. The benefits of a technology consultant can refer this problem to specialists.

Our medical software development and IT consulting experts can provide insights and creative solutions without interrupting ongoing business to keep pace with the digital economy. We offer a unique and specialized approach with strategies and solutions for using technology to achieve your desired goals. We are experts in the healthcare IT consulting field and have deep domain knowledge that allows us to help your company.

As a healthcare IT consulting services company, we partner to support your business no matter what. Working closely together, we have a deeper understanding of your business. Ensuring IT consultants are interested in learning more about your company is crucial. Contact us, and we will find out how to help your business.

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