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Clutch recognized VITech as a top Hadoop consultant

May 29, 2019

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VITech brings the power of data to every business we are working with to solve big data challenges. We are excited to announce that has recognized VITech as one of the top Hadoop consultants. It’s not just a shout-out for our hard work—it means that the direction in which we are heading is the right one, as it leads to the data-enabled success of our clients.

Clutch, centered in Washington D.C., is one of the largest global B2B platforms and a research firm that aims to connect businesses with reliable agencies or service providers. Among other things, Clutch offers research and reviews of leading big data companies focused on Hadoop development. They analyze agencies and providers based on client reviews, their industry knowledge, and expertise.

Apache Hadoop is a framework for distributed storage and processing of data. It is especially useful for large and disparate data sources. VITech helps clients install and configure the Hadoop environment, this way implementing processes specific to their business needs. We believe that Hadoop is a top-notch approach to data management, at least for the following three reasons:

  • Proper scalability. It’s a software framework and platform appropriate for large-scale computing that allows you to add nodes on the fly
  • Fault tolerance. Even if one node fails, it won’t affect access to other data in the data node
  • Open source. You can modify the source code whenever you need

At VITech, we are proud that our use of Hadoop for business purposes was highly appreciated. We choose Hadoop to help our clients make rational decisions based on a thorough analysis of data deluge and multiple variables. Businesses do not tolerate mediocrity, neither do we. That is why we strongly believe that small sampling and average values can never give the desired business insights.

VITech is a technology company with expertise in system architecture, big data, data science, and analytics. Since 2007, VITech has been a recognized problem-solver in health technology and other business domains. As our company keeps growing, we hope to continue helping more and more businesses ensure that their valuable data is presented in an accurate and actionable way.

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