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Combat helmet for a friend who is going to the frontline

Jun 24, 2022

1 minute read

Ukrainians are showing the world how to stand up for freedom, democracy, and the right of a nation to make its own decisions freely. They are strong and united. Everything we do for victory is essential: each donation, contribution, and help. The crucial thing is to stay active and helpful.

We want to thank our two colleagues from the VITech team, who did their best to help a friend in challenging circumstances.

Please, see below their to-do list for Easter Sunday:

  • Find a combat helmet within 1 hour for a friend who is going to the frontline;
  • Meet a halfway between Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk to hand over the helmet as soon as possible;
  • Drive over 150 kilometers, burning 12 liters of fuel during 4 hours of an Easter weekend;
  • Return home before the curfew time.

Indeed, Ukraine is the capital of great people.
Our victory comes near every day!

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