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VITech has launched VITech Gym, a series of tech-related knowledge-sharing meetups

Sep 26, 2019

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As a technology company with extensive expertise in big data, data science, and analytics, VITech commits itself to support the local engineering and data science community. VITech Gym was set up to help technology specialists learn more from practical cases shared by experienced speakers. In September 2019, we held the first event, When Data Meets Engineering, in Lviv, which turned out to be a great success, having gathered 50+ attendants. The next meetup focused on data engineering and analytics will be held in Ivano-Frankivsk on November 7. Stay tuned!

VITech Gym Meetup

At VITech Gym, we offer intellectual workouts. In our gyms, you won’t find strength-training equipment. Instead, you’ll get access to valuable knowledge in a friendly atmosphere with like-minded fellows. To train our brains, we’ve created an intellectual space to bring together all kinds of IT professionals—dreamers and pragmatists, experts and students—everyone ready to share and gain knowledge. We divided that first event into three presentation sets, coffee breaks, and an after-party. Each of the speeches went well with the audience, so we are truly thankful to our participants for the investment they’ve made.

VITech Gym Meetup-2

The event started with a speech titled How to Get Value from Your Data by Dmytro Spodarets. Head of R&D at VITech and ex-CEO of FlyElephant, Dmytro is an active member of Open Data Science community, a manager of AI & ML digest on DOU, and a well-known AI and data science enthusiast in Ukraine. Dmytro’s speech covered various use cases reflecting the value of data for business goals. It also featured explicit steps and instruments to implement and accelerate the adoption of data science in practice.

VITech Gym Meetup-3

As the next speaker, we were pleased to welcome Geovanie Marquez, Senior Development & Architecture Leader, Director of Development at Philips Wellcentive. In his speech, titled Scaling Early Healthcare Interventions, our guest from the USA showcased how Phillips uses big data systems and data analytics in their healthcare and wellness projects.The final speaker was Anton Nazaruk, CTO at VITech. His insightful speech on Data-Driven Test Strategy illustrated a solution designed to process huge data sets rapidly and effectively. On top of that, Anton showcased a scalable system of regression testing of the entire system based on specified data sets.

We’re excited and encouraged by the feedback following VITechGym. Rest assured, we’ll keep up supporting the IT community and promoting data science through the upcoming knowledge-sharing events. Thumbs up to our speakers, and big thanks to all the attendees for your interest and participation! Save the date, November 7, and see you soon in Ivano-Frankivsk!

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