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VITech status 02.27.2022

Feb 27, 2022

2 minutes read

Dear Customers,

So, Ukraine has been successfully resisting the aggressor for the fourth day. The fourth day of WAR. How quickly Ukraine got used to this word, to this new reality.

We’re holding on! We are only getting stronger! The first panic passed, the confusion passed, the despair of the reality of what was happening passed away. All that remains is anger, rage, determination, and a prudent desire to make EVERYTHING possible for the state’s salvation.

Some of us joined the Ukrainian Army and Local Defence forces. We are proud of all of you! May God bless all of you!

Some of us are actively helping volunteer organizations and refugees. We are proud of all of you! Patience and strength to all of you!

Some of us continue to work and provide continuous service to our customers – thus giving businesses the means and opportunities to ensure the viability of the company and the support of the front, volunteers, and refugees! We are proud of all of you! Maintaining concentration and clarity of thought in such conditions is incredibly challenging. Calmness and mental stability to all of you!

As far as we know, none of the company’s employees have been injured so far – all alive and safe. We all do what we have to do and keep pounding that rock!

Still, there are no issues with the Internet or Power Supply in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk; thus, the VITech team can provide services to our customers.

We will keep you updated on the further situation development.

Glory to Ukraine!
VITech management team


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