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What do IT professionals really want? VITech’s value proposition

Aug 26, 2022

4 minutes read

If you want to know something, just ask questions. It’s simple but very effective. So, when we tried to find out why people join VITech and why they stay here, we just ran a survey. The results were a bit unexpected, but we felt proud about it, and we learned a lot of valuable insights from our colleagues. Therefore, we want to share these results with you and tell you more about the values and corporate culture of the VITech company.

We interviewed all the employees. The specialty, professional experience, gender, age, or length of work for the company didn’t matter. In this survey were engaged our colleagues from Lviv, and Ivano-Frankivsk offices and those who work remotely from different parts of the world. So, let’s go directly to our conclusions from the survey.

Conclusion #1

It was a delightful insight that the conditions for professional development, compensation, and the possibility of remote work are the essential factors that impact the decision to join VITech, but our colleagues сontinue working here primarily because of the people and good relationships in the teams. Eventually, warm relations and mutual support make our work environment healthier and more comfortable.

No matter how original and attractive the employer’s promises are, if the company employs toxic people and there is a hostile atmosphere in the teams, no one will stay there for a long time.

What do IT professionals really want? VITech's value proposition 2

Conclusion #2

We know that benefits are one of the most pleasant aspects of working in IT. Who doesn’t like Friday parties with pizza or mini-football in a stylish office?

But, as we found out, the benefits system is an efficient tool for attracting trainee and junior employees. Specialists with 5+ years of experience in the IT field rarely use bonuses or are not interested in what the company offers. The point is that with more experience, priorities change, and your motivations at the beginning of a career become less important over the years. After all, try to find an IT company in the Ukrainian market that does not offer the same benefits to its employees.

At VITech, we offer a social package and an attractive benefits system that covers needs from various areas of your life: health, hobbies, education, charity, and others. We are adept at an individual approach to each employee and always take into account the ideas and wishes of everyone.

What exactly do we mean by individual approach? You choose the benefits, and the company allocates a certain amount of money per year for your needs, so you decide how to use these funds. We also support initiatives for the development of each employee’s hard and soft skills; if preferred, you will be assigned to a specialist who will help you learn and acquire new skills.

What do IT professionals really want? VITech's value proposition 3

Conclusion #3

To stand out in the competitive market, you don’t always need to reinvent the wheel and try to reach for the stars for your employees. You can just create good working conditions for them, maintain a pleasant atmosphere, show a loyal attitude, and, of course, offer a decent compensation. It would be enough.

More than 40% of our colleagues agree with us on that which shows their pretty clear expectations from work. After all, people pay attention to the relationships in the team, the general atmosphere, the loyalty of managers, and other similar little details that many companies often forget or neglect. Still, all this is exactly what makes the VITech company special.

We have established the internal policies and processes in the company in such a way that helps us to simplify our lives as much as possible. Don’t look for bureaucracy here – you will not find it. In return, you will receive genuine support from colleagues, a loyal attitude from managers, and opportunities for your professional and personal growth.

What do IT professionals really want? VITech's value proposition 4

Conclusion #4

This survey made it possible to realize how our colleagues feel at work in 2022. Everyone will agree that work is a huge part of our lives and directly affects our emotional state, mental and physical health. We were delighted to see that 78% of survey participants chose scores between 8 and 10, which indicates a high level of satisfaction, and we are incredibly proud of this. Moreover, when we asked our colleagues whether they would recommend VITech to their friends and acquaintances, 87.7% answered positively. Well, isn’t that cool?

Of course, not everything is perfect, and we definitely have a lot to work on and to improve, but now we know for sure that we are moving in the right direction and we are doing it with amazing people by our side.

What do IT professionals really want? VITech's value proposition 5

How can VITech be attractive to future colleagues?

At VITech, we value healthy relationships in teams and care about the mental health of our colleagues. Unlimited free treats and coffee is not the main thing we have to offer. We believe that work should bring pleasure, give a feeling of belonging to something bigger, and support self-realization and continuous development. To achieve this, we have created a personalized approach to each employee. Our company culture is based on a healthy and flexible work environment with strong shared values ​​, and our survey results confirm that we are all on the same page.

What do IT professionals really want? VITech's value proposition 6

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