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Omnichannel healthcare: from in-person to virtual care

May 08, 2023

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Every sector of the healthcare industry, irrespective of its successes or shortcomings, is rapidly evolving in the era of digitization and shifting its work to technology-driven models for omnichannel healthcare. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of health information technologists is projected to grow 17 percent from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Healthcare is a critical industry and has sensitive nature. Still, everyday processes need to gradually implement more and more technological solutions, such as electronic health records and others, that have become increasingly common.

Because the healthcare industry needs to be very cautious before implementing any new technology, the demand for health informatics consultants is constantly growing. Many organizations hire consulting software development teams to meet their short-term needs. Healthcare technology consulting helps to maintain and manage systems and train employees on new technologies and procedures for omnichannel healthcare. It allows the customers to be fully aware of all the pros and cons of technology, costs, and other aspects, before shifting their operations to it. 

But what does healthcare technology consulting mean? Can it be helpful? Is it necessary? We will answer all your queries regarding healthcare technology consulting in this article.

What does healthcare technology consulting mean?

Healthcare technology consulting advises, shares technical expertise, and guides healthcare organizations and institutions to implement technologies and make technical decisions. Healthcare technology consulting helps organizations improve their healthcare procedures for omnichannel healthcare with various technologies.

What kind of benefits ensures healthcare technology consulting for health care?

Let’s discuss all the reasons you may need healthcare technology consulting.

Better knowledge of your existing system and their loopholes 

Ensure you have evaluated your present system before implementing any new technology in your healthcare procedures. You have to assess your existing system first to understand the loopholes. Healthcare technology professionals can be helpful in the following cases:

  • founding the loopholes 
  • identifying the most suitable for your business use case technologies

It is essential to make a well-informed decision because technical healthcare solutions for omnichannel healthcare require significant monetary investments. You have to be sure that the technical solution you are getting is worth your investment.

Better care of patients

The most challenging to achieve and most crucial aim of each medical care institute is good quality patient care. To ensure it becomes very tough for most healthcare professionals with hectic schedules. The most difficult tasks are:

  • updating medical records timely
  • regular follow-ups
  • communicating important information to other team members, etc.

Healthcare technology consulting allows healthcare institutes to develop practical solutions that help medical professionals ensure the best quality of omnichannel healthcare and automate many processes.

Quick access to services

Everyone needs the ability to gain quick access to healthcare services. Waiting time is increasing even for patients that require immediate help.

You can implement diverse technology solutions for omnichannel healthcare strategy  that make your staff available by increasing the work productivity and automation of many procedures.

Enhanced tracking and reporting system 

The healthcare industry evaluates its performance to meet goals and ensure growth. Inappropriate tracking systems do not allow an effective performance reporting process and omnichannel customer esperiennce in healthcare. Technology can help by developing the right communication platforms.

Achieving standards of patient-centered medical home (PCMH) 

PCMH aims to enhance primary medical care and omnichannel customer esperiennce in healthcare. It requires the following standards: improved access, community support, managed healthcare, etc. Developing and implementing customized health tech software can help your organization develop omnichannel customer healthcare strategy to achieve these standards and speed up the processes to grow your healthcare business.

Better records management

Healthcare institutes can not run their procedures smoothly without a lot of paperwork consisting of:

  • prescriptions
  • forms
  • checklists
  • medical records
  • insurance documents, etc.

New technologies like EHR systems, E-prescribing systems, etc., can help medical professionals manage those tasks quickly, allowing the healthcare staff to focus on omnichannel customer esperiennce in healthcare.

User friendly workflow

Because of the sensitive nature of the healthcare industry, easy workflow is essential. Healthcare technology consulting can work out omnichannel healthcare strategy and ways to ensure easy workflow in your healthcare institute.

Improved communication

Healthcare organizations depend on smooth communication. According to a study in the late 1990s in American hospitals, poor communication led to 44,000 – 98,000 patient deaths yearly.

Healthcare technology consulting can develop technical solutions most suitable to facilitate communication.

What do healthcare technology consulting companies do?

Healthcare technology companies can offer their clients various services that may differ from company to company. We have gathered some most critical services:

Digitizing medical procedures

The healthcare sector strives to digitize its procedures to achieve the following:

  • increased productivity
  • efficiency in procedures
  • optimum utilization of resources

Many healthcare technology consulting companies offer:

  • costing of the solution
  • development and implementation of the solution
  • technology consultation to identify the most suitable solution for their business use case
  • upgrades and maintenance  

Depending on the needs, the solution can be customized as well.

Modernization of the existing software

Many healthcare technology consulting companies offer their clients the service of modernizing the existing software of healthcare institutes. It may include the following:

  • Adding or removing new features to the current system.
  • Improving UI/UX designs
  • Integrating new technology into the existing software.
  • Improving, rebuilding, or replacing the whole system.
  • Upgrading the approach to the latest version.
  • Re-hosting the current system/application.

Modernization helps you improve omnichannel customer esperiennce in healthcare and optimize the functioning of your system at a low cost.

Technology consulting services

Our technology consulting services help you to:

  • new healthcare technologies suitable for your healthcare business and present in the market 
  • improved features of your software
  • enhancing your business processes and omnichannel customer esperiennce in healthcare
  • optimizing costs
  • the shorter period of the building and implementation of new features

The healthcare technology company can help you find the areas of your business that need technical assistance and define the best suitable technology to act best for that loophole. 

Migration services

There are usually many reasons for technology migration from one platform to another. For example:

  • you are facing a lot of bugs
  • your existing health tech platform is not suitable to assist you in optimizing the results
  • you have security concerns with the present technology
  • a new technology has come up in the market

For instance, you are storing medical records in an on-site database, but you wish to make it more conveniently available by moving that to a cloud database. Healthcare technology consulting partners can help you to choose the best technology for migrating your system. 

Emerging technology software

Healthcare technology consulting companies know everything about the benefits and drawbacks of emerging technologies and how they can help improve your business and cover the loopholes. They can find the most appropriate technology. For instance, you need to share medical records with your patients more safely, but you need to be aware of blockchain technology that can significantly help in this case. 

HIPAA compliant solutions

HIPAA compliance ensures the confidentiality and safety of patient data and records. Without it, you might face legal implications. It has enormous importance for any health tech software. Technology consulting companies specializing in omnichannel healthcare can help you to implement HIPAA-compliant technological solutions in your organization.

Integration of the payment gateway 

Sometimes healthcare institutions already have a functioning healthcare application. They need a new payment gateway integrated into it to receive payments instantly without waiting. It is always the smart option when you’re digitizing your services and omnichannel customer esperiennce in healthcare. 

Web app development and mobile applications

Healthcare technology consulting partners can develop robust mobile web applications for both Android and iOS, with various features like:

  • video calling
  • appointment scheduling
  • sharing reports
  • e-prescribing
  • remote patient check-ups

You can get customized features developed in the applications if needed. For example, if you digitize your existing system entirely for the first time. You can get the software set with features to enhance your whole plan, making the UI/UX design user-friendly. Sometimes you can select developers from their team based on their experience to work only on your healthcare software. 

How to find a healthcare technology consulting company?

You must conduct proper research to find a partner most suitable for you. There are three essential steps to follow:

Profound research

In this first step, you take the most basic approach – google and look at different companies’ profiles, go through their services, and look at their social media accounts. You can also talk to people in your network to get suggestions and unbiased reviews of various companies. It gives you an idea of the legitimate companies worth your time. Shortlist them and move on to the second step of research.

Technology-based choice

Now that you have shortlisted genuine companies, you can conduct technology-based research to find out the various technical aspects of their services, such as:

  • analyze the technology stack and  project management techniques they use for their different services
  • review their designs, work, and reviews
  • analyze the results of their previous work


It is the final step that you may undertake. Here, you get in touch with the companies you shortlist. You talk to them about your project requirements, establish your project goals, talk about costs, and budget your funds. By consulting with the company, you will gain firsthand experience of how the team is, if it’s hardworking enough, if they communicate well, etc.

Avoid the cheapest options. Even though low costs may attract you, low prices reflect in the quality of the end product. It could cost you money and effort.


Healthcare technology consulting is one of the best ways for healthcare businesses to ensure that they invest money in the right technologies for omnichannel healthcare. Working with a good healthcare technology consulting company can boost your business to great heights and help you ensure you’re undertaking the best practices to make healthcare processes easier for your employees and patients.

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