Solution Assessment for Clinical Research Company

Project Summary:

VITech conducted an end-to-end analysis of a digital platform and technology stack. They assessed the existing architecture, code, and data models from both the technical and business standpoints.

Jacylyn Bodmer

— CIO, Elligo Health Research

VITech produced a valuable deliverable in the form of a final report highlighting the actionable outcomes and insights from their assessment. Their support has enhanced both the caliber and pace of the in-house team’s output. Intelligent and skilled, they add value through expert consultation.

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Marketing Data Analysis & Algorithms Development

Project Summary:

VITech led a marketing data project, improving a software company’s ability to attract new users. They analyzed industry data to develop marketing algorithms that predict customer engagement.

Ivan Kuziv

— Web Marketing Team Lead, MacPaw Inc.

VITech created efective data models and predictive algorithms to improve customer engagement. Their research and development efforts have translated into increased sales and a quicker user acquisition process. An experienced team ensures a transparent and collaborative project.

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11-Year Partnership with Patient Analytics Company

Project Summary:

VITech started out by developing a demo for an analytics platform, which evolved into development of the full product. They helped us build the architecture using Hadoop and RDBMS, and implemented the system.

Mason Beard

— Co-Founder & CSO, WellCentive Inc.

VITech delivered the platform with such success that it became the impetus for an ongoing relationship of over 10 years. Their speedy, agile, and collaborative project management helps support the emergent industry’s needs. The team’s expertise and personable teamwork make them a perfect partner.

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Backend & App Development for Financial Services Company

Project Summary:

VITech developed an iOS and Android application and coded the backend platform. These working products can scale with the company’s needs over time.

Jason Gwizdala

— Co-Founder & CTO, Immediate Solutions Inc.

VITech is highly skilled in its field and knows how to continue to innovate and increase value with every update. Customers can expect an efficient team that produces high-quality work.

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Software Development for Health Management Firm

Project Summary:

VITech is a longterm technological partner for a large health management company. Their most recent project was creating a search engine for populations for health care organizations to identify and target.

Under NDA

— Senior Manager, Health Management Firm

VITech earns their repeated business because of their quality of development and knowledge of the health care industry. Their most recent project earned one of the highest scores on a company grading metric. Their team has passion and care for their work, making them a great partner to work with.

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