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We assist businesses with our cloud consulting services in making technology-related decisions when moving to the cloud or opting for cloud-native development or optimization to prevent unnecessary expenditures and needs for reimplementation. VITech cloud consulting services experts guiding our clients through the adoption of virtualization and business sustainability toward the software-defined infrastructure model and all the benefits that come with cloud solutions.

Cloud consulting company

VITech delivers cutting-edge cloud computing consulting to help organizations transform their IT environment and boost productivity. Our cloud consulting services also help to reduce time-to-market and to lower costs.

We help our clients to make the right decisions, optimize their Return on Investment (ROI) and be more responsive and ready to the changing market landscape. 

Our cloud computing consulting methodology involves the following stages:

  • Evaluation. During the evaluation, we review your technical compatibilities and business objectives in line with the expected ROI. At this stage of cloud computing consulting, you must determine use cases, explore suitable solutions, experiment with the same, and check the feasibility. 
  • Planning. We provide a detailed roadmap of the proposed cloud solution and strategic procedures during the planning. At this stage of cloud computing consulting, we need to plan the architecture design and implementation and a clear deployment plan aligned with the intended objectives.  
  • Deployment. During deployment, our cloud consulting services include execution, data center migration, and expansion. 
  • Optimization. At this stage, our cloud consulting services include operational best practices and opportunities to review and improve existing processes during the optimization.

Cloud computing consulting VITech

VITech cloud computing consulting experts have cumulative expertise in developing and operating high availability, high scale platforms, and data environments. In addition, we have a lot of experience migrating apps, systems, and data to the cloud.

Cloud strategy consulting

We propagate the cloud-agnosic philosophy and can assist you in building solutions based on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. We use our tried-and-true approach and aws cloud consulting to help you build a proper cloud strategy that suits best your business needs, engineering capabilities, and market goals:

  • Cloud strategy consulting, creation of roadmap, budget, and business case.
  • Workload estimation, load, and output testing.
  • Server, network, databases, applications, and network migration planning.
  • The architecture of the product distribution pipeline.
  • Security controls on each level: application, infrastructure, service.
  • AWS cloud consulting services
  • Compliance strategy and planning.

Cloud adoption

Our cloud consulting services can assist you in developing a phased-in cloud adoption strategy focused on your technology stack, application portfolio, and business plans. VITech provides database solutions and services optimized for on-premise, private and public clouds. Depending on your business needs and technological preferences, we will leverage AWS cloud consulting services, GCP, or Azure infrastructure to implement your cloud strategy:

  • Driving required architecture and other product improvements.
  • Prioritizing transition applications based on market impact, expense, and risk.
  • Adjusting product development and implementation methods.
  • Migrating systems, applications, and their elements, such as infrastructure, frameworks, databases, and data.
  • Managing the whole technology process lifecycle.

Cloud optimization consulting

Our cloud consulting company will assess the current cloud infrastructure, promote an agile deployment lifecycle, and track the operational health of your cloud-based software and services. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to rapidly launch new services and capabilities to fulfill the company’s and customers’ needs. VITech specialists will assist in increasing efficiency, cloud computing consulting, and availability while lowering operational costs and risk:

  • Product delivery lifecycle automation.
  • Continuous operational health tracking.
  • Optimizing cloud-enabled systems.
  • Managing Hadoop in the cloud.
  • Delivering continuous optimization.
  • Managing database-as-a-service environments.

Cloud migration services

During the cloud migration process, the organization’s resources, digital assets, services, and applications must be deployed in the cloud. After that, the cloud’s firewall denies access to the migrated assets.

With its smart features and an unending array of business benefits, the cloud computing trend and cloud strategy consulting are becoming increasingly popular. 

Ease of access, innovative, user-friendly applications, enhanced security, qualitative outputs, and time-saving features assure new users to decide on cloud migration. Reducing licensing costs and implementation opens avenues for business owners to invest in the cloud.

Our cloud consulting services can help our clients choose to move to the cloud during the digital transformation, strategy, ecosystem collaborations, and workflow model.

We help you to choose the best approach for your organization – private, public, or hybrid. Our cloud consulting services have data analytics applications to ensure migrations take place smoothly, effectively, and systematically without any negative business impact. 

We build a pragmatic migration strategy that minimizes re-development efforts and achieves a delicate performance-consumption balance for your cloud environment.

Our cloud migration services:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud-to-cloud movement
  • Migration of workloads
  • Validation and performance testing

Disaster recovery management services

Organizations must be prepared for cyberattacks, hardware failures, or natural disasters. Business continuity in a disaster depends on its ability to replicate the data and the systems to avoid a severe financial impact. Our cloud consulting services allow you to create a roadmap and proper planning for dealing with potential disasters. It can be crucial for minimizing the long-term negative consequences on a company.

Disaster Recovery (DR) enables business continuity without any hindrance to operations during a disaster. Most large enterprises allocate between 2-4% of their IT budgets to disaster recovery planning, with some companies spending up to 25% to minimize infrastructure risks.

Our disaster recovery management services:

  • Application protection
  • Remote management of all backups
  • Customized disaster recovery plans

Cloud monitoring services

A cloud monitoring strategy solves challenges between configuration management and infrastructure management. Our cloud consulting services can help you with cloud monitoring as well.

Cloud monitoring involves:

  • Evaluate server response times, resource utilization, operating speeds, and availability to ensure possible issues are addressed well in advance.
  •  The performance of applications, servers, etc., has to be monitored without using manual or automation techniques.

The benefits of cloud monitoring strategy:

  • Many tools compatible with multiple devices over the network will be available.
  • Infrastructure and configurations in place allow quick installation.
  • Dedicated tools, including hardware.
  • Using the correct monitoring tools for changing cloud activity allows more scalability. 
  • Reducing the cost of subscription-based solutions.

There are many ways to implement cloud services monitoring:

  • Track service usage and expenditure.
  • Defining key metrics and instances.
  • Compelling data reporting through a single platform.
  • Regular feedbacks help to monitor and enhance the user experience. 
  • Define services and rules for practical resources utilization.
  • Store monitor data and related apps and services separately. They have to be accessible only to associated stakeholders.
  • Test the tools’ performance to be sure they don’t fail when needed.

Our cloud monitoring services:

  • Cloud-based application monitoring.
  • Improvement plans.
  • Governance plan for cloud infrastructure.
  • Creating personalized parameters and checks.
  • Setting up personalized alerts.
  • Infrastructure optimization helps for cost savings and better performance.

Cloud infrastructure management

The complexity of traditional IT infrastructure is always a problem when the organization has to catch up with market trends that are changing fast. The main reason for better cloud infrastructure management is to avoid manual intervention in many business-critical tasks and to lower time and resources.

Our cloud infrastructure management services:

  • Operation management
  • Cloud infrastructure and application deployment

Cloud modernization services

Cloud services utilization belongs to the critical challenges in the IT industry, such as support from the service providers, security, storage, compliance, and others.

A growing global cloud adoption helps handle workloads’ ability and provides enhanced mobility. It needs continuous cloud modernization.

Our cloud modernization services:  

  • Building an agile, cloud-native platform.
  • Cloud adoption in a microservices-based architecture.
  • Cloud governance and policy.


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Why VITech

Safety, recovery, reliability 

Our cloud consulting services ensure high app reliability and fast recovery by recommending and designing fault-tolerant architectures for your cloud apps.

Lower cost of cloud migration 

Our cloud consulting services include creating individual pragmatic strategies for each data warehouse and application to reduce migration costs by avoiding re-development efforts.

Optimized performance and monthly cloud costs 

We select cloud services best suited for your case,  create optimal resource orchestration patterns (including autoscaling for load surges in peak times), and establish performance testing procedures.

High development speed

Our cloud consulting services can help you organize an effective DevOps and continuous code delivery environment and help you select ready-to-go cloud services that you can use in developing your app instead of writing your own code. We review infrastructure configuration and code if needed.

Reliability and recovery

We design fault-tolerant architectures for your cloud apps and recommend APM (Application Performance Management) practices to ensure high app reliability and fast recovery.

Plan for cloud migration in line with business priorities

We think about development capabilities and create a risk management plan. We provide consultations for the management: conducted as Q&A meetings, email correspondence, etc. We process descriptions and policies regulating IT service provisioning after cloud migration. We create guidance on cloud transformation and knowledge transfer to architects, developers, testers, DevOps engineers, IT support specialists, database- and security administrators.

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