Custom software development services

VITech is an expert in skillful engineering, custom software development services, and creates custom software solutions with a high emphasis on security and operational coherence. Our SDLC practices aimed to ensure and support the highest team efficiency, product safety, and code quality.

Our custom software development services

VITech provides custom software development and evolution services to create applications for patients, physicians, nurses, lab technicians, etc. Software development includes custom design, development, support, and evolution of medical apps. Proficient in HIPAA requirements, VITech’s capable developers are committed to delivering robust, cutting-edge apps that help provide state-of-the-art care. 

We are a full-stack, multidisciplinary custom software development company. We rely on our technological vision, profound expertise, and optimized processes to turn technical solutions into growth enablers and provide end-to-end custom software development. We’ve been creating impactful custom-built software for the world’s leading companies across industries for many years. Our technologically savvy professionals take full responsibility for the custom business application development, share your business culture, and support you from early ideation and solution discovery through quality control and continuous delivery of new features.

We are well versed in HIPAA compliance and can build custom applications to keep your patients’ information secure and confidential.

We offer:

  • Market analysis, software idea productization.
  • Architecture and API integrations (e.g., with EHR) design.
  • UX and UI design.
  • Compliant software development (according to HIPAA etc.).
  • Software support and maintenance.
  • Business analysis of your workflows, solution, and feature list planning.
  • Design of architecture and integrations with the organization’s IT ecosystem.
  • Solution rollout, support, and maintenance.
  • Software evolution (security measures implementation, HIPAA cloud migration, new functionality adding, integration and customization capabilities, etc.).

Being an experienced software development company, VITech develops and evolves solutions for various types of medical software. We deliver the following types of software:

Administrative software

  • EHR/EMR (including EHR interoperability services)
  • Digital workplaces for doctors and nurses
  • CRM

Care-related software

  • Medication administration
  • Clinical decision support
  • Drug prescription assistance
  • Data analytics
  • Patient tracking
  • Care coordination 

Medical imaging and laboratory software

  • Medical image analysis software
  • Lab management
  • Patient portals for diagnostics results sharing
  • Provider portals

Patient-centered software

  • Telemedicine software, virtual medicine
  • Patient apps and portals
  • Healthcare AI chatbots
  • Chronic disease management
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Inpatient care
  • Outpatient care
  • Home care software

Our services

Custom web development

Our front-end specialists are proficient in web development and creating platforms for effective management of digital workflows for core-business tasks, keeping data secure, or improving certain operations. Moreover, our software developers are competent in solving complex technical challenges.

Mobile applications development

We are making your business operations simpler by conveying them to a user-friendly mobile app. VITech can build a mobile app for iOS and Android, allowing you to make a lasting impression on the customers. We leverage the top-notch software development practices and UI/UX design trends to create receptive and fully-featured apps.

Complex back-end solutions

Nice looking and convenient for the end-user web interface or mobile application has to be supported with the sophisticated business logic. Our back-end engineers are capable to implement the most complex solutions to satisfy all the demanding market requests.

SDLC automation

We are replacing manual routines in the SDLC with an automated and repeatable procedure. To increase the engineering framework productivity, we can gradually improve your software solutions with continuous integration and delivery practices, latest techs and architectural patterns, help with cloud migration, extend the reach and functionality, meet strict security requirements.

IT security services

VITech takes over responsibility for steady performance, troubleshooting, evolution, and change management to keep the software healthy, scalable, and high-performing. We concentrate on top-flight at every step of the software development life cycle. Our treatment of information and data is matched to the specifics of your business or industry. VITech experts and established security practices can ensure privacy across certain areas and constantly optimize it to guarantee security across the SDLC.

API development

We can create reliable, secure, easy-to-consume, and well-documented Application Programming Interfaces to extend the process automation to the whole company or provide the smooth implementation of new software, making it integrable with other internal or external systems. VITech experts create APIs for all kinds of software solutions, improve the functionality of your software products and make cross-app communication easier.

Benefits of custom software development with Vitech

VITech is a reliable technology partner for custom enterprise software development of complex software, offering full-cycle software design and development services. VITech provides a complete professional development team with a customer-oriented approach and an established Lean, Agile, and DevOps culture. Our software covers all the necessary operational areas (e.g., telehealth appointment scheduling and conducting, automated patient invoicing and data processing for patient outcomes, case reporting, receiving reimbursement, and more) to back up arising business ideas. We care about implementing advanced features for better diagnosing and care delivery.

Data analytics & visualization 

Our UI and UX developers can create for our clients visually appealing apps that guarantee an excellent patient outcome and convenient use by medical staff and patients. 

Scalable Business Model

We can build a customer base in the early stages due to accelerated software roll-out to the market due to fast MVP launch and iterative development. Based on your individual needs, our flexible business model allows you to change the size of your dedicated team at any moment of the development lifecycle. We will find for you the areas best suited to bring you value.  

Data privacy

We care about data privacy and employ best practices to ensure your systems are secure and fully compliant with applicable regulations.

Real-Time communication

We provide regular management and progress reports to infuse accountability and transparency into our model. Our developers work within your nearshore time zone to allow for real-time collaboration. 

Competitive advantage

Unlike “off-the-shelf” software, custom software can boost your company’s performance and be a valuable IP asset, which gives you substantial competitive advantage.

Personalize patient experience 

From streamlined booking systems to mobile applications, our custom software solutions empower patients to take their health into their own hands.

Our custom software development process

VITech has built a client-focused, transparent, continuous custom software development cycle from consulting and requirements gathering to ongoing post-deployment maintenance. Our custom software development services help us deliver measurable and predictable results within a defined timeframe. Our SDLC contains the following stages: 


VITech’s business analysts have profound expertise in the healthcare domain to:

  • Analyze operational, functional, and other requirements to create a software specification.
  • Analyze the potential risks and develop a risk mitigation action plan. 
  • Provide a high-level delivery schedule and define the software development project scope.

UX and UI design

Our designers’ team can:

  • Create a simple and intuitive user experience.
  • Achieve a sleek visual design by creating attractive software interface elements (buttons, menus, icons, etc.).

Custom software development

Our skilled developers are capable of:

  • Developing an MVP or the first application version with a set of high-priority features to ensure faster ROI.
  • Delivering the project according to an iterative approach.
  • Integrating software with a healthcare organization’s IT environment or implementing APIs for software products.

QA engineers services

VTech’s QA engineers conduct:

  • Functional testing and integration testing.
  • Software compliance and vulnerability assessment, penetration testing.
  • Performance testing.
  • Usability testing.


Our project team releases healthcare software into the production environment.

Support and maintenance

We guarantee compliance and ensure optimal monitoring, reporting, and management. We offer support and maintenance by:

  • Managing and monitoring the software performance.
  • Proactively detecting and fixing bags.
  • Performing daily software administration tasks (e.g., security checks and updates, the user or access management).

Software evolution

We are ready to plan and handle healthcare software evolution if you need to introduce new features, customization capabilities, or integrations.

Data upgrades & migrations

We perform system upgrades, cloud-based data migrations, and other vital software modernization services, prioritizing system uptime and data integrity. 

IT Security 

We can identify your infrastructure’s most critical vulnerabilities and implement the protocols & encryption you need.

Disaster recovery & data backup

We implement recovery and data backup strategies for on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid servers to ensure business continuity and data integrity.

Infrastructure support services

We provide IT infrastructure support, including help desk management, custom messaging & collaboration, network management, and system administration services.

Why VITech


Our flexible, well-tested, agile framework serves as the key delivery vehicle to ensure the efficient creation of world-class software. We bring together best practices from enterprise, mid-market and cloud development into a single system that is configurable to any development project.


VITech is keen on developing customized software to boost your operational productivity in many ways: creating a platform to optimize management process, digitalization, implementing software security, modernizing software, consolidating portfolio, and integrating new solutions with existing systems. Our proficient custom software developers work with cutting edge technologies to ensure that our customers gain a competitive edge.

Engineering & delivery

Our proficient team will provide user-oriented digital tools and omnichannel experiences for your business that fully meet your requirements. We can integrate new software products into your business and digital infrastructure, provide quality assurance and use performance insights for future optimization.

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