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Personal and professional growth is the building block of our company’s culture. We enjoy working in a healthy and flexible environment with strong shared values.

Who we are

VITech is a place where you can fully unfold your professional capabilities, meet like-minded people, and feel mental safety and mutual respect.

Since 2007, the company has been successfully delivering technology solutions for the world’s innovative companies in the healthcare industry. It is crucial for us to be experts in the chosen niche and to create technologies that have a positive impact on the quality of human life.

We are passionate, curious, and supportive — come and join us!

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Our people

People are the greatest company value. Friendly team relationships and mutual support make our work environment healthy and comfortable.

Satisfaction level

When evaluating the level of happiness in the company, 78% of our employees chose ratings from 8 to 10 points, which indicate a high level of work satisfaction.

Social responsibility

We regularly support various charitable initiatives. Together with our employees, we help those in need by organizing fundraising events and donating to military and humanitarian needs.


employees are ready to recommend VITech to their friends and acquaintances.

We are socially responsible


We are socially responsible

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