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A photo of VITech Lviv Team


A photo of VITech Ivano-Frankivsk Team

Being guided by the “quality over quantity” principle, we like staying a small, tight-knit company. With around a hundred team members aboard, we are the right size to solve big problems, but not to lose the adventure spirit and the ability to dream big.

Make an impact

Globally: provide an opportunity to engage in projects that are truly important to the global healthcare industry and can affect each of us.

Locally: we assume that every teammate is the best professional in his area, so every teammate has full trust in what he does. Dare to make your desire come true. This is your chance to make an impact

Work smarter, not harder

Have you ever noticed that answers to the most difficult questions usually lie on the surface?

That is why, before starting a task, we ask ourselves “What?”, “Why?” and “How?”.It helps us to propose the right solutions and does common things uncommonly well.


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