Dedicated software development teams

If you plan to develop software, you can create your team or outsource the project to a dedicated development team. It makes sense for businesses with limited resources and time constraints to hire dedicated software development teams. Such a team will allow you to go beyond your geographic location and gain access to a vast talent pool.

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Outsource dedicated software development teams

Outsourcing dedicated development teams mean hiring outside employees to fully or partially solve your tasks. The outsourcing market continues to grow and become more popular. One of the main reasons is to reduce the project’s cost, as it is cheaper than searching and hiring specialists on the staff.

The reasons to hire a dedicated development team are:

  • the company does not have enough qualified specialists on staff;
  • the outsourcing process has become safer and more accessible;
  • the optimization of business processes, as it is sometimes cheaper to hire experienced outsourced specialists;
  • if you outsource a team for specific tasks, you can focus and achieve strategic business goals faster.

If earlier IT outsourcing was perceived only as technical support, now this concept is becoming wider. The emergence of new services, cloud technologies, as well as the development of e-commerce requires more and more automation of business processes.

Types of dedicated development teams

A dedicated software development team can work under one of two principles depending on the payment method:

  • Monthly cost. The service price depends on the quantity and professional level of specialists working on your project. We involve new specialists, if necessary, to change the team composition according to the client’s varied needs. It will affect the monthly cost accordingly.
  • Time and Material. The final price will depend on the number of hours the specialists spend on the tasks. At the same time, tasks can be different in complexity and volume from month to month. Some tasks may be accompanied by difficulties with non-standard export/import of data etc.

Why should you hire a team of dedicated software developers?

Reasons to choose the offshore dedicated team model:

Economic efficiency. You save a lot on infrastructure because, by hiring a team, you pay hourly.

Well suited for large and complex projects. This model is helpful for projects where it is difficult to think through everything. It can quickly adapt to any changes.

Access to IT expertise. Hiring a dedicated software development team makes up for the lack of talent to bring your unique business idea to life.

High work efficiency. The team profoundly understands the project’s requirements, is quality-oriented, and works long-term.

Direct communication and team monitoring. You can directly manage each specialist provided by the IT company.

The software development process is controlled and managed. You participate in hiring IT specialists and oversee the development process at all stages, receiving regular reports on completed tasks.

Team scalability. From the beginning, you independently decide how many people need to be hired for software development.

What benefits brings hiring a dedicated development team at VITech?

Saving resources. You do not need to keep employees on staff and think about what tasks to give them when the project is over. It is enough to hire a dedicated development team to develop and implement a product for a short time.

Experience in your field. VITech has already implemented many healthcare projects and can share its expertise.

The pool of specialists around the world. The undoubted advantage of IT companies is that they can provide their services remotely. So, you can choose any company that suits your budget and geolocation and develop remotely.

The number of specialists and companies is increasing. According to forecasts, by 2023, 62 million people will work in the world’s information and computer technology sector. The diversity of products and services means that more and more companies need narrow skills, which makes it easier to hire an outsourced specialist.

Quick launch of projects. Search, adaptation, and training of employees can take a lot of time. At the startup stage, spending the budget on employees and training them is inappropriate. The dedicated software development team will be more effective than a long search for the right specialists in case if time matters for you.

Increasing profit. It is not always necessary to develop a project from scratch. Often companies need minor modifications and improvements that will help speed up work, automate processes, increase the number of processed applications, completed projects, etc. Which, in the end, leads to an increase in the company’s profits. It also makes no sense to keep a whole staff of programmers for periodic improvements.

Security and guarantees. Most development companies guarantee completed tasks; if bugs are found, they will fix them for free. The safety of confidential information will be ensured if you work with the NDA development team.

Our dedicated teams

Developers have different skills depending on their specialization. Learning what they do can simplify the search process and make decisions easier. Some professionals to consider for your project:

Web Developers

Frontend developers focus on the user side when creating and building a website. It ensures that visitors can easily interact with your pages. They will also develop tools to improve the experience across all browsers. In addition, a front-end developer can fix bugs and improve the design. Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Backend web development focuses on the server side. An expert in this field will ensure that your site collects and stores the necessary data. They can also improve website security and implement algorithms. 

Technologies: Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Golang, C#, Perl.

DevOps engineers

The DevOps engineers are responsible for using the DevOps methodology in the company. They understand programming and infrastructure and combine this knowledge to run the business optimally. 

Technologies: Docker, Puppet, Jenkins.


Designers work on the looks of the product. 

Technologies: Photoshop, Figma, Illustrator, InVision, After Effects. 

QA Engineers

Quality Assurance (QA) engineers find and fix bugs. They often work with developers to test products before launch. 

Technologies: Selenium, Protractor, Watir.

Hiring a dedicated development team VITech

Analysis and preparation

The organization of the dedicated software development team begins with the collection of requirements, the definition of project goals, and the definition of an appropriate model for a dedicated development team.

Team selection

After determining the requirements for the development team, we move on to finding suitable candidates, interviewing candidates, and selecting the best candidates.

Ensuring the functioning of the team

The following actions complete the organization of work:

  • Providing a dedicated development team with everything necessary to complete tasks within the framework of the project.
  • Organizing effective management and operational procedures.
  • Ensuring transparency of reports.

To facilitate the process of hiring a dedicated software development team, don’t hesitate to get in touch with VITech. We will gladly help you.

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