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VITech status on COVID-19 pandemic

Apr 01, 2020

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As the spread of COVID-19 continues worldwide, we want to provide an update on what we have here. We want to let all know that business continuity is intact, and we are doing business almost as usual – VITech is designed to be distributed and seriously disaster-resistant. We also have a track record of crisis mode operations – successful ones:

  • 2008 financial crisis.
  • 2014 Russian military invasion in Ukraine.

The detailed status of the current situation is below:

National measures

  • Borders locked for foreign citizens, Ukrainian citizens may return home
  • All public activity in cities has gone online/remote or suspended except emergency services
  • Food/Drug stores, gas stations, banks are operational with quarantine measures
  • Intercity/interregional public transport (air, train, coach) suspended, local public transport suspended
  • Emergency services (hospitals, police, other critical) establish transport for their personnel to places of work. independent of the public grid
  • We expect that any travels & business trips will be suspended for the next 4 months

Company status

  • From 18.03.2020 till 24.04.2020 or until further notices, all VITech employees have been asked to work from home
    In very special cases (approved by top management) people may come to the office (by a personal vehicle or together with another employee by a personal vehicle)
  • Teams are approximately equally distributed between 2 offices in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk, so if the situation deteriorates in 1 place, we still remain operational
  • The company is fully operational, so far, no sign of performance drop noticed – the company is designed as distributed-first
  • The mood in the camp is good, with signature humor and a generous deal of mutual support

In short, the company continues to operate normally. Moreover, with 12 years of experience in population health and other healthcare, we also join the fight against the virus using all our expertise and skills. Further updates as we get them – stay tuned.

If you have any thoughts where we may be useful, feel free to reach out

Be well, stay healthy. We’ll get over it and be in better shape than before.

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