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How Point of Care solutions transform healthcare industry

Jul 08, 2022

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The Point of Care (POC) software is a revolutionary tool that allows healthcare providers to instantly access and share patient information. It offers a variety of easy-to-use features that make it an essential instrument for healthcare providers. According to Business Wire, the POC data management software market is predicted to reach $11,772.2 million by 2025. This article will examine how Point of Care solutions transform the healthcare industry.

What is Point of Care software?

Point of Care software is designed to support clinical decision-making, improve patient safety, and increase efficiency. Most POC software applications are web-based, which means users can access them from any internet-connected device. POC software typically includes a knowledge base of evidence-based clinical content, algorithms, and decision support tools available at the point of care. Some POC applications include electronic health record (EHR) integration, clinical decision support, and workflow support. POC software also allows tracking patient medical history, scheduling appointments, and ordering lab tests. As a result, it enables the efficient management of medications.

POC platforms are often confused with Point of Care Testing (POCT). In general, Point of Care solutions help clinicians make informed decisions at the point of care. POC software solutions also provide guidance on diagnostic and treatment options. While clinicians may use POC software to support individual patient care, organizations can leverage their potential to enhance population health management. Meanwhile, POCT is a type of diagnostic testing that is conducted at the point of care. It delivers results that can later inform a health care provider’s decisions about patient care and treatment plan.

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Point of Care solutions generally span different areas in healthcare, including but not limited to: 

  • Drug reference information
  • Disease and condition information
  • Treatment algorithms
  • Clinical calculators
  • Lab test results
  • Imaging results
  • EHR integration

This way, POC software can inform patients and families about the available care options. Besides, it uses secure, web-based applications accessible from any internet-connected device. The software is encrypted and password-protected; all data is stored on a secure server. In addition, the POC software is HIPAA-compliant and offers a variety of features that make it an essential tool for healthcare providers.

What are the benefits of implementing Point of Care solutions in the healthcare industry?

As POC solutions enable health care providers to cope with the information overload more efficiently, they also help improve patients outcomes. Below are some of the benefits POC software brings to the healthcare industry:

  1. Increased efficiency. POC software allows medical staff to work more efficiently by providing easy access to patient information and enabling accurate documenting and sharing of patient data.
  2. Improved patient care. Opening up easy access to relevant patient information to medical professionals, POC software promotes the quality of patient care.
  3. Reduced costs. By increasing efficiency and advancing patient care, POC software cuts down on the overall costs of healthcare.
  4. Enhanced communication. POC software boosts productive communication between medical staff and patients. It leads to better coordination of medical care.
  5. Higher patient satisfaction. By providing patients with easy access to their medical information and allowing them to be more involved in their care, POC software raises patient satisfaction.
  6. Improved accuracy of patient data. By having POC software in place, medical staff can ensure that the patient data is accurate. It occurs because the system double-checks all the data entered.
  7. Timely input of patient data. Another advantage of POC software is a help by inputting patient data promptly. This factor is especially critical as it ensures that patient records are up to date. 
  8. Scaled-down paperwork. POC software reduces the amount of paperwork encountered by medical staff every day. The software can be used to enter and store patient data in a secure and easily accessible environment.

In many cases, Point of Care solutions can save lives by reducing the waiting time for receiving treatment. In addition, POC software is often more affordable option for treatment than traditional care.

How to collect data with Point of Care solutions?

When managing data with Point of Care software solutions, keeping accurate and up-to-date records is the most important thing to remember. This means accurately entering all patient information into the system and adequately documenting any changes. Additionally, it is essential to create backup copies of all data in case of system failure or data loss. Some tips for collecting and managing data with Point of Care software include:

  • Choose the right Point of Care software. There is a variety of Point of Care software products on the market. Choose the one that best fits your needs in terms of features and functionality.
  • Implement the software in a pilot program. Before rolling out the software to all users, implement it in a pilot program to ensure that it meets your needs and that users are comfortable with it.
  • Train users on how to use the software. Once the software is implemented, provide training to users on how to use it. This will help them make the most of its features and functionality.
  • Collect data using the software. Use the software to collect data on patients, treatments, and outcomes. This data can be used to improve care and make decisions about future care.
  • Manage data using the software. Use the software to manage the data you collect. This will help you keep track of patients, treatments, and outcomes.

The best way to manage data with Point of Care solutions is to use a reliable and reputable software provider. Discover the potential of health care development with VITech.

All things considered

POC software has revolutionized the way physicians deliver patient care. By automating and managing clinical workflows, Point of Care solutions enable health care providers to benefit from cutting-edge technologies. In addition, they reduce the cost of care by eliminating unnecessary tests and procedures. As the healthcare industry continues to move towards value-based care, Point of Care software will remain an essential tool for medical practitioners.
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