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Unlock unparalleled opportunities of our big data consulting services for better performance and spectacular growth. VITech provides expert big data and analytics consulting, including data assessment, data planning, and building high-load data collecting and processing applications. Our big data services are designed to bring maximum value out of each decision taken across different departments of your company.

Our services

Data consulting

Our specialists in data analysis consulting can help you formulate a viable big data implementation strategy and determine the best-fit technologies to convert your data into revenue opportunities. We start with determining the data requirements of your business and the needs to be met. Also, we involve a business analyst to quantify available data and assist us in specifying KPIs and objectives.

Data collection and cleaning

We collect relevant data from existing databases, data warehouses, and other sources. Then, the acquired data is cleaned and validated to improve its quality and accuracy and, finally, transformed into usable formats. As a result, all the collected information is stored in a thoroughly designed and well-organized system.

Data processing

Our big data services are tailored to meet any big data challenges and provide an optimal solution for converting and processing raw data into more refined data, which enables businesses to manage, organize and use their data without any hassle. At our big data consulting company, qualified experts use groundbreaking technologies to help you efficiently manage your data as well as keep it trusted and secure.

Data warehousing

We create data pipelines that collect, process and store your data in a structured way. With our big data services, you can be sure that massive amounts of data are securely stored and accessible to relevant parties only. Data warehouse (DWH) services provided by our big data consultancy company will help you launch, enhance or migrate your DWH solution to consolidate diverse data sources into a single source for more accessible analysis and reporting. As an innovative data analytics consulting company, we offer a wide range of data warehousing services, including consulting and continuous support.

Data lake

Data lakes primarily store raw, unprocessed data and can be considered as a supplemental to Data Warehouses technology that serves different business use cases. VITech experts can help you create, assess, and maximize the value your business receives from the data lake environments.

Data migration & integration

Discover enormous advantages of digital transformation by migrating your existing data between different storages or from on-premise to the cloud solution. We ensure smooth migration and integration that does not disrupt your business processes.

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