Big data services

Unlock unparalleled opportunities of our big data consulting services for better performance and spectacular growth. VITech provides expert big data analytics services and big data consulting services, including data assessment, data planning, and building high-load data collecting and processing applications. Our big data services are designed to bring maximum value out of each decision taken across different departments of your company.

Big data analytics – cases of use

VITech offers advanced data analytics and visualization expertise, process consulting, and research tech using AI and ML. We focus on transformation and performance, which has enabled us to deliver projects in data discovery exercises and extensive data integration. Our core competence is unifying multi-source and high volume data, including unstructured data for an integrated omnichannel view of consumer analytics.

VITech offers technology solutions for market research to unify and integrate diverse attitudinal, operational, and transactional data sources. We focus on facilitating and advising, on managing changes without disruption within the organization. Our goal is to keep business models more digitally efficient, relevant, and modern. We implement extensive big data consulting and big data analytics services for digital transformation that minimize operational costs and improves customer experience.
We deliver the following big data analytics services:

  • Setup and support of big data-based solutions and infrastructure.
  • Extraction and management of big data.
  • Development and tuning of ML models.
  • Short, predefined, and ad hoc reports.
  • Development and improvement of big data-based solution.

Our big data analytics services are tightly integrated into a proprietary consulting service framework around enterprise data management, business process management, and technology consulting. We work with the world’s leading companies to provide collaborative, holistic, and transformative solutions to implement big data in healthcare. We cover the full spectrum of the business transformation and help you achieve, design, and execute market-leading performance roadmaps.

We specialize in the following core areas:

  • Integrated data strategy.
  • Enterprise architecture and technology strategy.
  • Customer experience management.
  • Business technology transformation.
  • Process innovation and re-engineering.
  • Data maturity assessment.
  • Cognitive science (AI/ML).

Our services

Big data consulting services

Our specialists in big data services can help you formulate a viable big data implementation strategy and determine the best-fit technologies to convert your data into revenue opportunities. We start with determining the data requirements of your business and the needs to be met. Also, we involve a business analyst to quantify available data and assist us in specifying KPIs and objectives.

Data collection and cleaning

We collect relevant data from existing databases, data warehouses, and other sources. Then, the acquired data is cleaned and validated to improve its quality and accuracy and, finally, transformed into usable formats of big data services. As a result, all the collected information is stored in a thoroughly designed and well-organized system.

Data processing

Our big data services are tailored to meet any big data challenges and provide an optimal solution for converting and processing raw data into more refined data, which enables businesses to manage, organize and use their data without any hassle. At our big data consulting company, qualified experts implements big data for healthcare using groundbreaking technologies to help you efficiently manage your data as well as keep it trusted and secure.

Data warehousing

We create data pipelines that collect, process and store your data in a structured way. With our big data services, you can be sure that massive amounts of data are securely stored and accessible to relevant parties only. Data warehouse (DWH) services provided by our big data consultancy company will help you launch, enhance or migrate your DWH solution to consolidate diverse data sources into a single source for more accessible analysis and reporting. As an innovative data analytics consulting company, we offer a wide range of data warehousing services, including consulting and continuous support.

Data lake

Data lakes primarily store raw, unprocessed data and can be considered as a supplemental to Data Warehouses technology that serves different business use cases. VITech experts can help you create, assess, and maximize the value your business receives from the data lake environments.

Data migration & integration

Discover enormous advantages of digital transformation by migrating your existing data between different storages or from on-premise to the cloud solution. We ensure smooth migration and integration that does not disrupt your business processes.

Big data in healthcare industry

No matter how complex your healthcare processes, VITech efficiently manages operations, allowing you to focus on your core – delivering an exceptional patient experience. We implement big data in healthcare industry by enabling institutional customers to deploy and manage digital healthcare solutions and maintain end-to-end case management records.

Our healthcare solutions based on big data services cover the entire healthcare cycle. These healthcare solutions range from appointment scheduling, self check-in, remote consultation, data ingestion, medic aid, testing requests, patient enrollment, tab-based centralized patient statistics management, case management, expense management, account settlement, record auditing, to workflow management. The company’s overall focus is implementing data in the healthcare industry and enabling institutional customers to reduce costs through automation.

Our big data services help you transform your digital landscape through automation. VITech mitigates risk, increases process efficiency, takes faster and more informed decisions, and enables businesses to reduce administrative and operational costs.

Our cloud-based, digital care management comprehensive big data services and solutions help manage a corresponding rise in government expenditure on healthcare.

Benefits of our healthcare solutions:

  • Focused and outcome-based care while reducing administrative costs.
  • Pre-defined reminders for drug, food, and water administration across changing care worker shifts.
  • Less paperwork with device agnostic, any time anywhere access.
  • Prioritized work lists and list of pending tasks.
  • Less administrative activities for doctors to focus on the medical care.
  • Seamless connection between different care workers.
  • Better planning of care resources.
  • Quick administration of care during emergencies.
  • Seamless real-time capture of resident data, including health & well-being status, profile, drug, food, water administration, etc.
  • Integration with third-party hospital management systems and healthcare instruments.
  • Role-based and highly intuitive user interface.

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