Discovery phase services

The ultimate goal of the project discovery phase services is to understand all aspects of the problem and minimize the level of uncertainty. Moreover, VITech experts do it to assure optimal solution definition, provide clients with accurate project estimation, and speed up the implementation phase by well-defined client expectations and project requirements.

About discovery services for software development

Did you know that over 60% of technology and over 40% of software development projects go over budget and end in total or partial failure? That’s why the discovery phase services are the essential part of product development.
How can discovery phase services help the client? In general, the software discovery phase service has to make clear whether the client’s requirements for the solution or app match business needs.
The key pillars of the discovery phase services are:

  • The analysis of functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Evaluation of business.
  • Defining user’s pain points for solving them through designed software.
  • Advice on the system’s functionality.

A team of dedicated experts will help you validate your product concept by creating a prototype and testing its market viability. The discovery phase services allow you to understand:

  • How long will the development lifecycle take?
  • What risks can be avoided?
  • Potential costs of the project.

The discovery phase services help to create the most detailed and budget-oriented startup development plan possible. Here are a few more reasons why each project needs a discovery phase:

  1. To validate an idea.
    Once the project feasibility is identified, we analyze the market, competitors, and target audience to create a customer-focused and valuable product.
  2. To plan a budget.
    The discovery phase services allow focusing on the core features as per the project roadmap. It makes iterations predictable and budget stable with no additional cost involved.
  3. To finalize software requirements.
    Well-thought-out requirements reduce the chances of creating a large backlog of uncovered pitfalls. Requirements also provide the founder with a clear and precise budget estimate.

What results will you get?

UI/UX concept

We create an effective and well-designed prototype that shows how the app works. We create the project vision that describes the project’s general goals and the proposed solution, allowing you to understand better the product’s potential.

Project documentation

You’ll get all the necessary documentation with the description of all business processes related to the product: functional requirements and development specification, system architecture documentation, technology stack, frameworks, and software components to use, cloud provider and technologies, CI/CD pipeline, implementation plan, efficient resource management, cost proposal with time estimations, established roadmap and MVP milestones, recommendations for task execution sequences, risks, and dependencies.

How do we provide the discovery phase as a service?

We provide the discovery phase services for our clients as following:

  • We help to develop the startup idea into a market-driven product.
  • We analyze competitors’ solutions.
  • We define the product features with the client.
  • We design wireframes and create a clickable prototype.
  • We create specifications.

The following are the steps needed to take during the discovery phase:

Business analysis

We start the discovery phase services by defining the structure and overall strategy backed by technical research, then identify the main product features and technologies and analyze your competitors’ projects.


We work on visualizing the business idea and delivering the project based on specific needs. We provide the client with UI mockups & wireframes.

Technical analysis

We do technical research to identify the essential product features and technology stack, develop technical documentation and provide third-party API testing reports.


We can organize and prioritize project tasks, create a queue of iterations, and plan project development on both the business and engineering sides.


We can create a clear and developed roadmap for your approval, including in-depth processes, work scope, timeframes, tech stack, and price. Our clients receive development iterations, team composition, and risk estimation.


We optimize the plan at every step along the way, based on the project’s specific needs, and make on-demand changes to any specifications even after the project is complete.

Final estimate

We deliver a completed statement of work with a breakdown of cost estimates and suggested timeframes.

Our approach

The discovery phase as a service might be differently helpful for the various type of businesses. For example, startups usually need a discovery phase to validate the idea and create the PoC of a future unicorn. On the other hand, large enterprise companies generally use such services to improve, optimize, and grow existing businesses. Meanwhile, successful product companies might consider the discovery phase as the first step to launch a new product line or solve existing products’ challenges.

We conduct the discovery phase according to the Design Thinking approach based on VITech’s experience, best practices, and industry standards. This approach ensures consistency and transparency among all stakeholders involved in the project implementation throughout the whole lifecycle.

Discovery phase services

VITech experts make profound research and intensive brainstorming before the development begins. Our discovery phase consists of collecting information about a project in order to define and deeply understand its vision, goals, scope, timeline, business, purposive market, target group, and technical strategies. During the project discovery phase, VITech experts determine requirements, architecture, system specification, and future product design.

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