Architecture review and consulting

Software architecture review and software architecture consulting are important parts of the project life cycle that begins with an extensive analysis of the business operations, functional requirements, and strategy. Performance issues, security risks, and availability problems are often results of bad architecture. To avoid those risks, we recommend reviewing the software architecture at the early stage.

Software architecture consulting services

The term architecture generally means the practice of designing or building something. Software architecture uses operational and technical requirements and creates solutions that optimize things important to the system like quality, performance, security, and maintainability. If we envision what is needed to build software, it is similar to constructing a building: architects start by selecting a site, then create a solid foundation, build the floors, level by level, interconnect the entire building with wires and plumbing, and finally finish off the interior and exterior of the building.

Software architecture also goes through a similar process. While building software, the architect must first choose an environment, infrastructure, and frameworks that fit the requirements. Selecting the right environment and infrastructure creates a foundation, on top of which the entire software works. After the foundation is set up, developers start building various layers and pieces of the software, which are then interconnected so that data can flow across the layers. In this entire process, the architecture of the software is essential as it builds the core foundations of that software. Over the years, the software industry has seen a tremendous change in how software is built. New techniques have evolved, which have helped solve problems.

Our architects offer business-appropriate enterprise software designing, reviewing, developing, improving, software architecture consulting, and upgrading complex software architecture for both new and legacy IT systems.
Let’s take a closer look at our software architecture consulting services:

Enterprise architecture design and implementation

With decades of enterprise architecture design, our software architects provide robust and up-to-date software architecture and frameworks implementation to meet your business needs in the dynamic market.

Cloud architecture services

We offer a clear cloud infrastructure development strategy for enterprises to orchestrate their processes by leveraging cloud capabilities and driving innovation across their business. We integrate tools for efficient enterprise computing customization, management, and optimization.

Software architecture modernization and support

Our software architecture consulting professionals can not only design new infrastructure for your business but also assess and modernize your existing enterprise architecture to gain advanced capabilities. We offer enterprise IT infrastructure optimization services and software architecture consulting to help organizations align business and software architecture. Also, we provide extended support.

Enterprise application transformation

We deliver potent instruments designed especially for evolving companies to ensure effective management and technology integration. We create and integrate apps that accelerate business innovations and let you achieve scalability and flexibility through all processes. We help renew outdated enterprise application transformation and update your existing IT landscapes while enabling modern capabilities with minimal disruption.

Software architecture consulting

Our trusted experts can implement best-in-class tools and platforms for the full-cycle software architecture assessment and development to create the enterprise architecture roadmap and product design to prevent risks and errors. With extensive experience and successfully delivered varied software architecture development projects, our experts are always at your service to provide your enterprise with promising solutions.

Our services

Project composition assessment

At any time after the completion, you can redesign or upgrade your software architecture. Project composition assessment helps to add new modules and optimize existing ones.

Architecture debt evaluation

VITech offers consulting services to design, review, develop, improve, and enhance an entire software architecture. We help detect weaknesses, gaps, vulnerable points of the system and prioritize the mitigation actions to eliminate risks.

Technical debt evaluation

VITech analyzes existing technology infrastructure and advises best-matched architectural solutions to meet your professional goals and improve performance. We create new software or update the available products.

QA/Testing debt evaluation

Our Quality Assurance experts analyze the quality of the implemented testing procedures. We will evaluate tests coverage of the system functionality, tests automatization level, correspondence to all core requirements (functional and non-functional), its efficiency and effectiveness.

Security debt evaluation

We offer a range of information security consulting services, such as application inventory, data protection, deployment of application security solutions, validation of existing network security infrastructure, security and integrity assessment reporting and analysis, enhance organizational awareness of security risks.

What our software system architecture consulting involves

VITech, as the software architecture consultant, will perform an end-to-end architecture evaluation based on the client’s requirements and offer the best enterprise architecture framework aligning with the business propositions. We provide different software architecture consulting services: strategy, capability-based planning, enterprise portfolio management, program and project management, development, delivery and improvement, service management, process rule and data management, governance, risk, and compliance. 

Software architecture consulting 

Our software architecture consulting services aim to provide full-scale software architecture solutions that are scalable and compatible with business ventures. Our sophisticated end-to-end solutions aim to make the deliverables better than the competitors and eventually raise revenue.

Software architecture review 

We provide a summary report of the assessment includes scope of the review, evaluation-and-review objectives, requirements list, findings and recommendations, identified risks, and appropriate mitigation recommendations with a detailed action plan. Our competent software architect consultant provides time and cost estimations and proposed architectural solutions.

Functional and non-functional requirements and gaps analysis

Either the entire system’s architecture can be evaluated or only a specific part of the system. Our software system architecture consulting involves profound functional and non-functional requirements and gaps analysis. We gather applicable requirements that include the requested features of the system. Non-functional ones reflect the desired performance levels.

Software architecture design, evaluation, and integration

Software architecture uses operational and technical requirements to design robust, high-quality, and security solutions. Accommodate all the phases of development, such as design, evaluation, and integration. Develop software aligning your business goals and objectives.

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