Software product design services

We deliver full-cycle custom software product design services to blend the best design practices with the power of technology to meet the needs of your users and your business. Among software product design services, we can mention business analysis, product architecture, requirements engineering, UI/UX design, usability testing, software product engineering, product development, and many others.

Our software product design and development services

Product design is not just the look of your app. We work with you starting as early as you have an idea for software product development solutions. We offer the software product design and development services to help you through the synergy of in-depth business analysis, stunning visual identity, and a deep understanding of UI/UX design principles till a final product is released to the end user. We provide full-cycle software product design services to help your healthcare product design resonate with its audience.

Our software product design services involve expertly balancing competing tensions—the highest performance and most features, the lowest cost and shortest time to market, and the ease with which the product can be produced in both quantity and quality.

Software product design services

Development of a new product 

  • Analyze all product usage details: end users’ expectations and needs, device preference, and estimated target market.
  • Modeling of different features that can make the product ready for the market.
  • Investigate applicable compliance requirements (FDA, HIPAA, others).
  • Prioritize features and plan product releases.
  • The optimal approach for architecting a product (microservices, multi-tenancy, etc.).
  • Designing UI and UX.
  • Deliver all planned development releases timely.

Customization of the product

  • Analyze the individual requirements of your customers.
  • Define the roadmap to cover all the needs in planned releases.
  • Define customized UI components and features.
  • Develop custom APIs for integration with clients’ systems.

The continuous evolution of the product 

  • Planning UI and UX improvements based on user feedback and behavior analytics insights.
  • Delivering new features and functional modules given in the roadmap of the product.
  • Manage backlog of the technical tasks.
  • Develop APIs for expanding the integration capabilities of the product.
  • Change a cloud provider or migrate the developed product to the cloud.

Market-constraint product growth

  • Planning and implementing new functionality as a paid product upgrade or higher subscription level.
  • Developing an international expansion strategy.
  • Evolving the product based on user feedback.

Software product design process


VITech provides discovery services to help entrepreneurs clearly define their business goals, validate their business ideas, and avoid risks from the beginning. We believe that discovery sessions bring value for business owners by aligning all project stakeholders on solution design that solves real business problems.

Information architecture design

Information Architecture first approach in software product design aimed to put each detail in its place. Straightforward navigation and seamless usability are the results of well-designed Information Architecture. The main idea behind this approach is to apply UX design practices to arrange a website or software components for easy and convenient interaction with the product. We provide Information Architecture services to maintain software product consistency and avoid usability and navigation issues.

User interface and interaction design

Our team creates and develops User Interfaces for web and mobile software products following current design trends and top-notch best practices. We put a lot of effort into making the product interface both appealing and responsive. VITech team believes the perfect UI is a blend of solid information architecture, visual design, and interaction design.


Validation should occur throughout the whole software product lifecycle, from the beginning to the end, and even after the final solution has been released. Surveys/questionnaires, usability tests, card sorting, A/B tests, metrics monitoring, and continual monitoring of how users respond and interact with your software product even after each release are some of the most commonly used methods.

Why VITech

Design and UX

Our experienced product designers provide you with planned success. We investigate the smallest details of your business goals and fit our product design to your objectives and intentions.

Iterative & focus

We apply an iterative approach to develop a customized digital product for you working with efficiency, capable of quickly addressing changes and delivered on time. Focusing on end-user needs, we develop unique solutions and designs for each customer.

Continuous improvement

VITech works with agile methodologies. We guarantee that our engineers are capable of optimizing the development process at every stage and you receive the product design that meets your highest requirements.

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