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VITech is a web application development company that helps fast-growing businesses streamline business processes, optimize workload, and develop new products. Our experts build web interfaces of any level of complexity. In addition, we’re a trusted software development partner who can cover all of your technological requirements with the web development solutions we offer.

Our services

UX/UI design

Creating UI for a product that satisfies users while also delivering value to the company can be challenging. For our web application and software development company, the design thinking technique has proven to be the most effective approach. We create web apps that are easy to use and interact with.

Web development

We can build web applications from scratch or provide refactoring to your existing application. Our experts create applications that meet market standards, and end-user needs, using cutting-edge technologies and frameworks.

App development consulting

We assist you in envisioning a web app that meets your specific requirements and transform your vision into detailed specifications. Our experts also examine the feasibility of the project, offer cost and time estimates, and consider appropriate architecture, design, and hosting alternatives to ensure that the program operates properly.

Support and maintenance of existing applications

Our web developers manage change requests from users of the developed product. This is one of the methods for improving the system’s functionality, removing obsolete pieces, and optimizing it.

VITech Software Development Team provides continuous maintenance, monitoring, and support to guarantee that your customised websites and apps run smoothly. Testing and debugging, security protocol upgrades and maintenance, database maintenance, and much more are all part of our custom web development support and maintenance services.

Why VITech

Expertise & experience

VITech excels in custom web development services and is proficient in the key areas in all aspects of the front-end and back-end development, including responsive web design and open source technologies.

High-performing teams

VITech is focused on establishing high-performing teams as one of the most important attributes for successful client engagements.

Our proficient professionals:

  • familiar with Scrum, Kanban and SAFe methodologies
  • review and test code according to strict procedures embedded into VITech SDLC process
  • are competent not only in sophisticated front-end and back-end development, but also capable of enhancing your web project with Big Data, AI, ML and other latest technologies

Predictability & transparency

Beyond technical expertise, we provide you high-end web products with detailed planning and transparent execution. As a result, we can find the correct answers for your every business issue and help to deliver the best products as soon as possible.

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