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What is the best way to hire a remote software development team?

Jan 03, 2023

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A dedicated development team is a model of cooperation with a digital service provider in which software development specialists work for the client on a long-term basis. A team of specialists is selected based on their experience and skills under the project’s requirements. Development management and communication process coordination may remain the responsibility of the implementer. In this case, the remote software development team usually works from the service provider’s office.

The main goal of the remote software development team model is to quickly hire a team that will fill the gap in the necessary knowledge and works like your own. This interaction format allows for replacing the development staff or establishing joint work with the internal team, subject to a clear division of responsibility.

The difference between remote and dedicated teams

The main idea of a dedicated team is that the company hires a group of professionals who can complete the task without difficulty. Typically, a company seeking help agrees and employs a team of IT professionals, quality control engineers, UX/UI designers, business developers, and other specialists to perform an entire product development cycle. It also means that the team will work exclusively on the client’s project, just like the in-house team.

Dedicated teams usually work full-time, but part-time is also possible. When it comes to billing, customers pay a pre-agreed amount, which means there are no unexpected charges.

The dedicated team model is preferable for outsourcing work from the client’s position. The client will retain complete control over the development process. The dedicated remote software development team model provides an excellent opportunity to finish the job while remaining integrated and fully involved in the entire development process.

The dedicated team model works better for young companies with no detailed business plan and well-established business processes. They can find an ideal approach for growing their business by consulting with the hired team. Finally, if any error or change occurs during the process, you can take the necessary actions immediately.

What is a dedicated software development team?

A dedicated development team is a model of interaction within a software development service’s framework when the client has a team of IT specialists selected, taking into account the requirements and specifics of the project.

Why choose a remote software development team

Benefits of a remote software development team:

Flexibility. The client can make changes on the fly, allowing the entire project to grow naturally.

Full control. The client will control the entire project.

Focus. Since the team works with only one client, they can focus all their attention and efforts in the best possible way.

Scalability. The client can determine the size of the remote software development team. Depending on the current stage of development, certain specialists can be added or removed from the team.

Experience. Each developer in the team is very experienced and well-informed about modern trends and technologies.

Understanding the project and processes. The client will completely understand the plans and procedures involved in working on his project.

Continuous communication. Effective communication is the key to success, and the client can keep in touch with the team at every stage.

Wide range of resources. We have a sufficient number of qualified specialists in all areas, which allows us to complete a full-fledged dedicated team.

Efficiency. There is no doubt that well-established team processes and extensive experience are the keys to successful work in achieving the desired result.

How to manage a remote dedicated software development team effectively

When specialists are within the framework of one project, they feel more comfortable and do not have to break away from one process to delve into another. Everything is consistent and according to plan, which helps employees to show initiative and offer profitable and systematic solutions. They are worried about the project and feel a great sense of belonging to the common cause.

In the classic version, the following moments are important for remote software development team model:

  • The client determines the goals and objectives of the project.
  • The company provides a team that meets the project requirements.
  • The client gets complete control over the project and the team.

The main advantage for the client is the transparency of processes and the ability to control them. If the client outsources the project, he receives intermediate results but sees only some of the development picture. Communication with the team, in this case, occurs only through the manager.

When specialists work on only one project, they become part of the customer’s team. In this case, developers communicate not only with the client but also with other departments. Such an integrated approach and immersion help to understand the project better. Also, in this case, the customer can resolve all issues directly with the team. Employees also promptly inform the client about problems or voice new ideas.

Challenges to managing remote dedicated teams

There is no perfect strategy for attracting performers, so working with a dedicated team has drawbacks. Unlike traditional outsourcing, here, the customer takes on the part of the project risks. For example, it is the client’s responsibility to take care of knowledge transfer in advance and allocate resources to maintain project documentation to reduce dependence on the supplier. It is also the customer’s concern to ensure that the team is fully loaded since downtime is billed.

What is the best way to hire a remote software development team: checklist

It takes less time to develop a project in the team expansion model. However, there is a risk that the client will need help to accurately determine the candidate profiles, skills, and technical experience required for the project. Therefore, he will have to hire an expert either internally or from an outsourcing company. Without this, the initial stage can take longer and cost more.

Under the dedicated team development model, the software outsourcing company is solely responsible for building a development team for each project, scaling it to meet the client’s current needs, and ensuring that the development process is managed smoothly. The role of the outsourcing company is focused on determining the scope of the project and its functionality. Resolving the personal preferences of the developers has a minor priority.

Here’s the checklist on how to hire a remote software development team.

  • Collection of requirements: the contractor studies the requirements of the project and wishes for the organization of the workflow.
  • Selection of specialists: based on the requirements, experienced specialists are selected. This process can take several weeks.
  • Implementation of the team: at this stage, responsible persons, preferred communication channels, and management tools are fixed. Sometimes, the team leader first gets acquainted with the project.
  • Reporting: according to a pre-agreed format, the client is provided with reports on the hours spent on development. Based on these hours, the services are billed monthly.

Why build a remote dedicated software team?

The format is well suited in cases where you have development experience, understand the life cycle of creating digital products, and know how to build processes for efficient work. Still, you need to have your resources to implement the project.

You may not have your own IT department, or it is too busy to be distracted by the business’s strategic priorities. For example, a full-time team is responsible for the back end, and you urgently need front-end specialists to implement the redesign. If at the same time, it is impossible to define the scope of work clearly, and the requirements change in the process, then it is beneficial to attract a dedicated team.


Before looking for a remote software development team, you must define the goals and objectives. It will help you understand what the team has to do for you and make communicating with candidates much more effortless. Then research the offers on the market, and select those developers whose values match yours, so that you speak the same language and see the same goal: a successful product. The managers of the companies that offer the service of the dedicated development team will assist you in establishing cooperation with the software development team. You will choose the most convenient option of interaction.

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