Medical Data Analysis Software Development Services

At VITech, we’re proud to offer a robust solution to your medical data analysis needs. Our data analytics software development services consume, process, and analyze large volumes of medical data you regularly collect to provide actionable insights to drive and enhance your business through analytics. Our medical analytics software development solutions improve how you collect and manage data, therefore increasing the efficiency of your healthcare processes, services and patient outcomes.

Custom Medical Data Analytics Solutions

VITech offers custom medical data analytics solutions that provide insights and guidance to make better decisions based on data analytics for your healthcare organization to improve the quality of your health care and optimize resources and treatments.

Medical Data Analytics Benefits

Medical data analytics is more important than ever. Proper analysis provides solutions to everyday problems. Data analytics show the customer journey to help understand insights on where there is waste, savings, individual healthcare staff performance and help identify risks in chronic health conditions.

Improving efficacy

Healthcare data analytics is crucial for streamlining your organization. Medical analytics provide insight into how to assess the performance and efficiency of healthcare staff, practices and processes. Data analytics allows your organization to better equip itself with appropriate targeted actions and/or corrections necessary to improve your business.


VITech’s medical data analytics software development provides powerful reporting of key healthcare metrics to visualize indications to your organization that may not otherwise be obvious. Reporting through analytics provides a look into your doctor’s performance to ensure adequate performance measures across the board as well as the ability to report to state medical boards and government agencies.


Risk calculation capabilities and insights in healthcare reporting provides the ability to segment mass patient populations into focused groups to view labels such as chronic disease, social status, family history, and risk models. These analytics help in forecasting potential disease outbreaks, risks, and predictive outcomes based on past and present analytics, allowing you to make informed decisions on preventative care.

Defining patients’ prioritization

Our medical data analytics software development provides the ability to create a patient prioritization strategy to manage access and cost associated to medical healthcare services. Through analytics, this allows for prioritizing the patients who are high risk to receive care first. The data can be viewed and filtered by several criteria to make the best-informed decisions on care plans and resources allocated for optimized spend based on the analytics.

How Healthcare Data Analytics Software Works

VITech’s healthcare data analytics software development is built to combine real-time along with historical data from your organization. The analytics aid in building models, uncovering actionable insights, managing illness, accomplishing medical innovations, reducing costs, and driving long-term overall growth for your business.

Data collection

Our medical data analytics software development company never stops working for you. It continually ingests data from multiple healthcare external sources into a single place allowing you to compare and evaluate analytics to better understand your organization and the industry as a whole. This also helps prepare for and prevent potential future risks.

Data aggregation

Data aggregation is a key tool to enhance your business through analytics. Our tool aggregates large amounts of ingested data, which can represent billions of medical records into a standardized format allowing you to view healthcare summary statistics and draw on analytics from a data warehouse. This collects, processes, and provides answers to analytical questions and reduces time to pull large sets of data from multiple sources when queried.

Data visualization

Our service that cares about efficient user experience derives business and medical insights from aggregated data to advance you ahead of your competition. Whether you’re in need of predefined data sets or ad-hoc analytics, we make it possible to do both. This ensures healthcare providers can better operate by providing real-time analytics that drive and support decisions.

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