Medical data analysis software development services

At VITech, a healthcare data analytics company, we’re proud to offer a robust solution to your medical data analysis needs. Our data analytics software development services consume, process, and analyze large volumes of medical data you regularly collect to provide actionable insights to drive and enhance your business through analytics. Our medical analytics software development solutions improve how you organize and manage data, therefore increasing the efficiency of your healthcare processes, services, and patient outcomes. Our healthcare data analytics software turns large amounts of clinical and administrative data into meaningful information, improving services, increasing business efficiency, and better health outcomes.

Custom medical data analytics solutions

VITech offers custom medical data analytics solutions and healthcare data analytics services that provide insights and guidance to make better decisions based on data analytics for your healthcare organization to improve the quality of your medical help and optimize resources and treatments.
Our healthcare data analytics company is engaged in a full range of development of healthcare data analytics services. Today, our team consists of 100+ specialists with the needed knowledge and skills who have developed experience in various industries. We aim to help companies reduce their healthcare software development costs and speed their time to market. Years of experience as a medical software development company and an understanding of the business processes allow us to meet customers’ needs and help them achieve their goals. Professionals around the world use our products.
We can develop for our clients’ different kinds of medical analytic software and healthcare data analytics services such as:

Analytical tools for medical providers

Medical providers strive to make innovative changes and increase care efficiency. With an integrated analytics and reporting solutions, they can provide more personalized treatment, reduce patient waiting time, and decrease re-appointment rates. Our solutions can capture and store EHR/EMR data, medical device data, data from patient apps, portals, and other patient-related data.

Solutions for remote patient monitoring

Our customized software allows remote patient monitoring and alerting on trends and patterns in a patient’s condition requiring a doctor’s attention. We create software for real-time analytics of medical device data. Our apps can be beneficial for making personalized care plan recommendations.

Predictive analytics software

VITech can help optimize and plan healthcare supply chains by offering supplier risk management, ML-based demand forecasting, etc. Our apps can be used for disease management, for example, ML-based prediction of patient readmissions, diagnosis validation, etc.

Medical finances analytics apps

Healthcare providers can provide maximum transparency in the finance department using intelligent data alerts and automated data analysis systems. Healthcare organizations can build a more significant and sustainable flow of payments with medical analytics and make more accurate strategic plans. Our customized software may significantly optimize costs and increase revenues.

Medical insurance analytics applications

Implementing data management and analysis technologies for the complex health insurance sector has sharply increased. We can provide custom healthcare analytics software and healthcare data analytics services that will help predict, track, and avoid risks. Our health insurance management solutions can define optimal health care plans, potentially fraudulent claims or high-value losses, etc.

Fraud analytics

The availability of a significant amount of data makes the healthcare sector an exciting target for fraudsters. It is possible to tackle fraud by adopting data mining techniques, making the auditing process more efficient and effective. Fraud analytics software can recognize patterns of fraudulent transactions, identify the next such insurance fraud and take preventive action, keeping false positives to a minimum.

Competitive analysis and branch efficiency analysis

Our healthcare data analytics company uses competitive analysis to formulate a go-to-market strategy for organizational growth. Our customized healthcare software and healthcare data analytics services can help to measure branch profitability and viability sales targets to enable financial planning and optimization.

Customer lifetime value forecast

We develop comprehensive dashboards, charts, and diagrams for transparent performance evaluation. It enables our customers to know the patient’s future purchasing behavior and the profit associated with them. For example, bed utilization efficiency, equipment utilization rates, operating rooms utilization, medication use, and clinical HR analytics (employee qualifications, certifications, hiring, and more).

Telemedicine solutions

We develop handy mobile apps for healthcare providers, patients, and medical professionals. We construct platform-based customized telehealth solutions leveraging big data streaming for primary care, chronic disease management, nursing care, acute care, digital therapeutics, neurology, etc.

AI-based comprehensive dashboards, charts, and diagrams can capture and store EHR/EMR data, medical device data, data from patient apps, portals, and other patient-related data. We use real-time analytics of medical device data for remote patient monitoring, alerting on trends and patterns in a patient’s condition requiring a doctor’s attention, or personalized care plan recommendations.

Medical data analytics benefits

Medical data analytics is more important than ever. The proper analysis provides solutions to everyday problems. Data analytics show the customer journey to help understand where there is waste, savings, individual healthcare staff performance and help identify risks in chronic health conditions.

Improving efficacy

Healthcare data analytics is crucial for streamlining your organization. Medical analytics provide insight into assessing the performance and efficiency of healthcare staff, practices, and processes. Data analytics allows your organization to better equip itself with appropriate targeted actions and corrections to improve your business.


VTech’s medical data analytics software development provides powerful reporting of key healthcare metrics to visualize indications to your organization that may not otherwise be obvious. Reporting through analytics offers a look into your doctor’s performance to ensure adequate performance measures across the board and the ability to report to state medical boards and government agencies.


Risk calculation capabilities and insights in healthcare reporting can segment mass patient populations into focused groups to view labels such as chronic disease, social status, family history, and risk models. These analytics help forecast potential disease outbreaks, risks, and predictive outcomes based on past and present analytics, allowing you to make informed decisions on preventative care.

Defining patients’ prioritization

Our medical data analytics software development provides the ability to create a patient prioritization strategy to manage access and cost associated with medical healthcare services. Through analytics, this allows for prioritizing the patients at high risk to receive care first. Based on the analytics, the data can be viewed and filtered by several criteria to make the best-informed decisions on care plans and resources allocated for optimized spending.

Medical data analysis

How healthcare data analytics software works

VTech’s healthcare data analytics software development is built to combine real-time and historical data from your organization. The analytics aid in making models, uncovering actionable insights, managing illness, accomplishing medical innovations, reducing costs, and driving long-term overall growth for your business.

Data collection

Our medical data analytics software development company never stops working for you. It continually ingests data from multiple healthcare external sources into a single place, allowing you to compare and evaluate analytics to better understand your organization and the industry as a whole. This also helps prepare for and prevent potential future risks.

Data aggregation

Data aggregation is a key tool to enhance your business through analytics. Our tool aggregates large amounts of ingested data, representing billions of medical records, into a standardized format allowing you to view healthcare summary statistics and draw on analytics from a data warehouse. This collects, processes, and provides answers to analytical questions and reduces the time to pull large data sets from multiple sources when queried.

Data visualization

Our service that cares about efficient user experience derives business and medical insights from aggregated data to advance you ahead of your competition. Whether you need predefined data sets or ad-hoc analytics, we make it possible to do both. This ensures healthcare providers can better operate by providing real-time analytics that drives and support decisions.

Opportunities provided by data analysis in health care

Healthcare data analytics is a way to support fact-based decision-making and get actionable insights out of healthcare data. VITech offers data management in all forms, implementation, and advisory services for analytics solutions to help you turn disintegrated healthcare data into valuable insights and provides end-to-end healthcare data services. Our software can offer a lot of benefits:

  • Analyzing patient progress indicators to identify treatment anomalies and trends. We use predictive analytics to track healthcare supply chain optimization and planning (ML-based demand forecasting, supplier risk management, etc.). Our ML-based software is beneficial in disease management (prediction of patient readmissions, diagnosis validation, etc.). We can help our customers in health insurance management (defining optimal health care plans, potentially fraudulent claims or high-value losses, etc.).
  • Analyzing PGHD (patient-generated health data) to enable constant monitoring of patients’ health status, identification of irregularities, treatment plan progress evaluation, early recognition of symptoms of complications, etc. For example, analyzing blood glucose levels (for diabetes patients), SpO2 level changes (for COPD patients), overall trends in patients’ nutrition, hydration, temperature, weight, blood pressure, etc. We can create mobile patient apps and portals for chronic condition management, appointment scheduling, medication intake tracking, post-surgery recovery support, etc.
  • Extended cash flow reporting to enable financial planning and optimization. Our customized medical data analysis software can analyze expected cash flow based on RCM data, actual cash flow, outstanding payments by specific payers (departments, facilities, diseases), real ROI by the types of investments (new facilities, medical equipment, such as CT or MRI, etc.).
  • Productivity evaluation. Hospital analytics software for monitoring any hospital activity can quickly analyze data and generate reports based on comparing inefficiencies that would otherwise stay unnoticed. After carefully considering the collected data, the healthcare facility can take specific actions to help reduce costs while improving efficiency.
  • Coordination communication. In the healthcare domain, all the people involved should have reliable and fast access to specific data. With the help of custom medical analytics software, you can view current progress, patient data, and medical history anytime you need it. All parties involved can have updated information at their fingertips. DRM and blockchain are utilized to ensure HIPAA compliance and security.
  • Customer segmentation and managing of customer churn. Our solutions can help to divide customers into groups that can be targeted and rely on identifying key differentiators such as geography, demographics, psychographic, and behavioral tendencies are taken into account when determining customer segmentation practices. Target, monitor, and manage customer attrition, and micro-segments help to drive increases in traffic, sales, profit, and retention trends.

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