EHR/EMR software development

At VITech, we develop custom EMR and EHR software solutions to cater to a diverse set of clients. Our solutions help improve data processing, recording patients’ height and weight to monitoring their vital signs and symptoms, provide faster access to lab results, digital prescriptions, EMR/EHR integration services for medical devices and more.

Electronic medical records (EMR) software development

An EMR is essentially a digital version of a patient’s health chart. These digital charts allow clinicians to track data, and identify and monitor patients’ health status.

EMR software solutions provide robust tools to streamline workflow and increase patient engagement. An effective EMR solution involves analysis of existing infrastructure and improves the processes to provide a more sophisticated solution.

Electronic health records (EHR) software development

An EHR, on the other hand, covers a broader range of patients’ healthcare. EHRs record overall patient records which can easily move with the patient to the hospital, a specialist, or even to a different state.

EHR enables sharing of updated information in real-time and allows access to tools to ease the decision-making process. Doctors and physicians can also access the complete medical history of a patient.

HIPAA and GDPR Compliance

VITech solutions comply with security standards as well as industry requirements and regulations for EMR software development, including HIPAA and GDPR. Our clients can be sure that their personal data is securely protected and is not at risk of being compromised.

EHR System Certification

We provide all the necessary data to independent accredited testing centers to obtain the needed certification. Our goal is to meet all the crucial criteria to ensure the effective operation of the software and the safety of patients.

EMR and EHR Mobile App Development

Applications help physicians diagnose more effectively, as patients can insert their disease data and share it with physicians. The customized electronic health records software can be adapted to all kinds of devices to automate the work of your staff and make it more efficient.

EMR and EHR Integration Services

With data shared between EHR systems and healthcare stakeholders, hospitals can improve workflows. Interoperable environments improve the healthcare industry by giving the right people access to the correct data at the right time.

Our EHR and EMR software development

Chronic disease management

Doctors and physicians can utilize patients’ data to provide better health outcomes for their patients. With our EHR software consulting, you can improve chronic disease management for your patients.

UX/UI tailored to hospital staff

With a wide variety of audiences interacting with medical tools on a daily basis, it is important to design software that ensures a great user experience. We create tailored software to serve our client’s unique needs so they can achieve their goals efficiently.

Universal or dedicated to a medical specialty

Our EHR/EMR software development is universal. We create sophisticated workflows that are tailored to the specific needs of a medical specialist.

Desktop, tablet, mobile accessibility

Technology allows ease of use and affordability. Our EHR software development services allow doctors and nurses to access patients’ records through desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Prescription assistance

With our EHR/EMR software development solutions, hospitals can electronically manage prescriptions for their patients. This reduces prescription-related errors.

Patient communication

Through digital messaging, our services aim to facilitate patient-doctor communication. Doctors can better manage their patients’ records and communicate with them easily through electronic communication.

DLP (data leak protection)

Sharing patient data outside of the network can pose various security risks. We follow strict, network-centric HIPAA compliant approaches to secure access to networks.

Secure HIPAA-compliant cloud

Our HIPAA/GDPR-compliant EMR/EHR Software solutions follow HL7 standards and PHI rules, assuring safe and secure patient data transfers using cloud hosting solutions for improved data storage, safety, and scalability.


From scheduling appointments to filing insurance claims, our EHR software development services provide easily accessible tools for patients remotely.
We build customized telemedicine applications that integrate with health-tracking equipment such as medical devices for remote patient monitoring, wearables and sensors, IoT connections, and more.

Healthcare analytics

Improve operational and health analytics through EHR software development. We deliver and streamline your processes to reduce variation.

HIE integration

Electronic health information exchange (HIE) is a secure way to access and share patients’ medical information electronically and we have experience in building integrated HIE services so you can complete patient records seamlessly.

Patient portal and app

We create patient portals to make it easier for patients to receive their health information in order for them to take a more active part in their healthcare plans, as well as to streamline clinical workflows, manage bilateral patient data, improve doctor-patient communication, and manage e-prescriptions, etc.

Features of EMR and EHR

Some of the salient features of EHR and EMR include UX/UI tailored design, compliance with HIPAA, flexibility to run on mobile, desktop, and tablets, and cloud solution adoption. In addition, EHR uses integrated modules that allow practice management, telemedicine, HIE integration, and revenue cycle management.

Both EMR and EHR are digital records of patients, however, the former covers a narrower approach, whereas the latter caters to a more comprehensive approach to a patient’s overall health.

Why VITech

Fast delivery

We release your MVP in 2-4 months (depending on the project complexity) and perform subsequent releases every 1-3 weeks. Minor product changes and fixes can be done several times a day.

HIPAA compliance

We follow HIPAA technical safeguards when designing EHR architecture. We also conduct thorough security testing.

Rich experience

Users are a valuable part of our EHR development lifecycle. We develop research-based UX and UI design AI that provides a seamless experience for your users.

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