Clinical trials software development services

VITech provides comprehensive clinical trials software expertise to tailor the product with demanding market needs related to housing clinical trials live data. In addition, we offer an inclusive experience to manage the planning, performance, reporting, analytics, project lifecycle tasks, and milestones related to clinical trials. As a result, your organization is more effective in streamlining and advancing clinical trials for better patient outcomes and healthcare practices.

Drive research process with clinical trials software

Each our clinical trial management system improves the overall efficiency of each clinical trial. Such automation saves time on performing administrative tasks and manual tracking every bit of data, lowering error rates. As a result, it provides you with more time to focus on the process in clinical trials. In addition, our experts capture essential components for your clinical trials, including timelines, protocol information, and patient data, enabling the research process to be the core focus.

The benefits of using a clinical trial management system

AI, ML, and deep learning methods are essential for each clinical trial management system. Those methods help to receive more meaningful information than scant datasets contain. VITech can develop a tailored probabilistic model to make predictions for future clinical trials from it. CTMS (clinical trial management system) can help manage all operational stages of each clinical trial more effectively: from studying a startup to the ready closeout. Site networks, research sites, academic medical centers, health systems, and cancer centers use a CTMS to gather data related to subjects, protocols, financials and billing, staff, etc. A clinical trial management system functions as the hub for research operations, simplifying study conduct and improving visibility throughout a site’s research portfolio. Dashboards focus on what matters most, and automated workflows streamline manual processes for crucial activities. Tasks, milestones, document status, and issues are collected in one place. Entered once data can be used everywhere, which helps to eliminate information silos and significantly increase user efficiency. 

CTMS allows easier scaling through all phase trials: from the beginning to the ready product. It also integrates with your existing workflows and technologies. 

With the help of clinical trial data management system, you can significantly reduce the startup delay that can be avoided. Site-specific required milestones and tasks are tracked in one place. A closed-loop system of site activation and issue management process eliminates multiple status spreadsheets and tracking reports, saving time and effort. 

Clinical trial management system software can help to improve data solutions by moving from CTMS built on static data based on simple calculations to a system with embedded intelligent risk detection and actionable data.

Other benefits of using a clinical trial management software include:

  • Reduce the number of patients needed
  • Accelerate the clinical trial completion timeliness
  • Define the probability of early success or failure
  • Quickly produce high-quality evidence
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Immediate adverse reporting
  • Emergency notification systems
  • Better data collection   
  • Developing algorithms for negative event detection, validation, and reporting 
  • Identifying adverse events from unstructured data
  • Developing solutions for swiftly managing negative reports in multiple languages and high volumes

Our strengths

At VITech, we offer premier clinical trial management system software to deliver results for your business through fast, efficient and advanced technology. For over a decade, our experts have served over 60 million patients in the US through systems built by us. When it comes to our clinical trial software development service, we never compromise quality or accuracy and work hard to get the job done for you.

Understanding internal processes

We clearly understand that Clinical trials are the safest and most efficient way to find treatment options to proper care for patients. Our engineers are well familiar with all the aspects of the Clinical trials process – research studies for the healthcare system dedicated to finding treatment solutions for patients. During clinical trials, information is collected through a study about the risks associated and how well a potential solution may work – and we have and expertise and practical experience to be valuable part of this process.

Software adaptation

VITech engineers understand the uniqueness and need for nontraditional clinical trials. Thanks to our extensive expertise in clinical trial software development and application, we always deliver high-quality results. We don’t approach each project in the same way — we provide clinical trials solutions tailored to your specific needs.


At VITech, we go above and beyond to deliver cost-effective, timely, and efficient clinical trials results for your business. We focus on the details that matter. You tell us what you need for your clinical trials, and we will deliver.

How clinical trials software works

Clinical trial software development facilitates the complete lifecycle of clinical trials from start to finish. There is no longer a need for outdated practices of utilizing spreadsheets to manually record data, leading to errors and compromised quality in your clinical trials. Our services house clinical trials protocol, metadata, and all other data collected, analyzed and submitted to regulatory authorities to ensure clinical compliance.

Data analyzing

Our custom clinical trials software operate enormous amounts of data, proving solution efficiency and improving the overall quality of research, patient care, and practices. Accurate data is your number one element for ensuring successful clinical trials.

Selection of candidates

Each Clinical trial has its unique eligibility standards based on the study requirements. Knowing this fact, VITech software architects always design a custom Clinical trial solution to provide maximum flexibility. As a result, you focus on a streamlined clinical trials process and enhanced communication to the candidates during pre-screening stage.

Data processing

Our clinical trials software development expertise offers a secure approach for collecting, storing and retrieving data. The key features here are that all patient information, forms, and documents can easily be retrieved and used for distribution reporting. Data is the number one aspect in clinical trials to obtain conclusions and deliver the best clinical results.

Why VITech

Initiation & discovery

We’ll establish the foundation for future collaboration by diving further into the concept of your custom software solution and creating a product design at this stage. This phase includes:

  • Identification of your needs and expectations
  • Time and budget estimation
  • Defining your requirements and writing specifications
  • UX/UI design
  • Team allocation

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