Medical Image Analysis Software Development Services

Time matters a lot in healthcare, and analyzing medical images takes a lot of time. AI and ML image analyzing software allow identifying the health risks at the early stages. A patient’s life may depend not only on the precise diagnosis but also on the time spent on diagnostic. ML-based algorithms can analyze medical images used for diagnostics or clinical treatment faster and more accurately than human professionals.

VITech develops AI-powered custom medical imaging apps for the precise analysis of medical images in different file formats. Our medical image analysis software can scan, compare and analyze medical images quickly while avoiding errors made by humans.

Drive Research Process with Medical Image Analysis Software

Our experts develop ML-powered custom medical image analysis solutions that assist physicians and allow to improve the diagnostics process by calculating quantitative data, segmentation, and analyzing the minor changes on medical images to predict diseases at early stages. Our applications can enhance medical care by creating personalized treatment plans based on fast and efficient analysis of medical image information.

We care about patient safety helping to avoid adverse effects, diagnostical errors, and achieve a better patient care experience through more effective medical image analysis.
We improve public health and prevent illnesses by early found abnormalities in the patient body to effectively work with risk groups, correctly diagnose diseases, indicate and solve problems in medical help.

Our public research projects:

  • Detector for COVID19 and other lung diseases is an application that can analyze CT/MRT images in png, jpeg, and DICOM files format. The solution helps to classify about 14 different diseases such as Bacterial Pneumonia, COVID-19, Chlamydophila, Fungal Pneumonia, Klebsiella, Legionella, Pneumocystis and other viral types of pneumonia, ARDS, Pneumothorax, and Hydrothorax. The software can quickly analyze and compare a lot of medical images offering the doctor better visibility by highlighting infected areas on the medical images. Detector suggests diagnoses from the database helping to identify more quickly a particular disease visible on the medical images.
  • Detector for diabetic retinopathy may help to prevent blindness by the detection of subtle morphological changes in the fundus of the eye visible on the medical images. Using the traditional diagnosis methods, the ophthalmologists have to inspect multiple fundus screens to find signs of diabetic retinopathy that are hard to recognize on the medical images. Our medical image analyzing solution can assist in diagnosing diabetic retinopathy by comparing dozens of thousands of images per minute and arranging “healthy” and “unhealthy” screens in separate folders.
  • Melanoma Classification application can make the process of diagnosis easier, faster, and more precise. It can analyze and compare different medical images to help doctors by diagnosing melanoma. Our medical image analyzing software is an important assistant specifically in the situation when a lot of patients need medical help immediately, and time for each patient has significantly decreased.

Our Expertise

VITech develops customized medical image analyzing applications using machine learning algorithms to detect the smallest differences and abnormalities in human cells and organs. It allows to predict and prevent illnesses visible on medical images and treat oncology and other diagnoses at very early stages. We build AI-driven medical imaging solutions that work in the following medical fields:

  • Orthopedic
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Pulmonology
  • Mammography

Benefits of Using Medical Imaging Software

Our AI-driven medical image analyzing software help to improve the internal workflow of each healthcare institution allowing them to visualize, report, and share information between care workers.

Our medical image analyzing software is helpful to prevent and diagnose diseases. Automated analysis of medical images can bring a lot of benefits to providers and patients:

  • Early diagnostics
  • Higher cure and survival rates.
  • Automate diagnoses to help doctors take more patients
  • Helping doctors focus on more complex cases

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